The Hyper Gel line from Model’s Own is relatively new and the first thing that grabbed my attention was the selection of shades. It’s got the white that everyone’s obsessed with at the moment, for pastel lovers there’s a lilac and for the bright nail lovers there’s a really pretty green, periwinkle blue and bright coral. There are also 5 other shades available in this collection. 

I assumed from the description that these would be just like the Barry M Gelly polishes but actually I think the gel formula is more noticeable in these. The first coat goes on quite sheer but then the second coat gives a really opaque finish with super shine. The formula is also enriched with lotus flower oil which I guess nourishes the nails but also will act as a barrier to water so the polish should last longer even if you’re washing your hands daily. 
They’re £5 each and are available from Model’s Own bottle shops worldwide. I’d say my favourite is the blue, which is yours?

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  • frankie alex

    the lilac one is my fave! just so light and pretty

  • Holly Keyes

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  • Holly Keyes

    I have the nude Naked Glow shade and I love it. The formula is great, not too thick and it lasts for days! I did a review of it on my blog here x

    Holly | Impatience is a Virtue | Bloglovin

  • Jackie Jean

    Definitely the white, i’m yet to find a white that doesn’t look like twink.Maybe this is the one?

  • Anna Blush

    I love a good gel nail, will have to give these a try. I really like the look of the green and blue x

  • Maddy

    These sound so good, I love a gel finish so they sound perfect for me! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

    P.S. I don’t want to be spammy, but I have a YSL Lipstick Giveaway on my blog at the moment!

  • Aerin Downs

    I love the effect gel nails give! I think that white polish always looks nicer in gel form :)! xx

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  • Emily H

    These look really good, I think I might need a few! x

  • Zazie Bibi

    The green looks gorgeous! x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    Love the vibrant, intense colors! :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  • Chrissy

    Models Own is probably my favourite nail polish brand for value for money as well as crazy choice of colours. I definitely need to get my hands on the blue and the pastel lilac!

  • Elisabeth Rilatt

    Oooh these sound interesting! I may have to try :) I’m really getting into pastel nails at the moment!


  • Imogen Stafford

    i am definitely testing this out.. i love gel nail polish! it always lasts a long time :)

  • Savannah Giersthove

    Omg I am in love with these colours!!

  • Emma Be Beauty

    I have a couple of these and they are awesome. Might pick up that lilac one.

  • Lauren J

    I love the lilac one! I keep meaning to pick some of these up but always forget x


  • Christie

    Hi Lily! Love this, I actually saw these on sale on They’re $14.00 for a duo of two Model’s Own polishes. They have a lot of finishes but, I saw the Hypergels on there! They only ship to the US but this is certainly a cheaper way to get a hold of these babies in the US. They’re on sale for another day, though!

  • Erin Jaine

    Obsessed with white nail polish. Need to try!


  • Joyful secret garden

    That lilac and the white need to be in my life right now !!!

  • Victoria

    They seem nice but I don´t really like any of the colours :(

  • Camille

    This is so practical. The red one looks amazing

  • Daniella C

    love this!



  • Lisa Robb

    I have never heard of this make but it looks good
    L x

  • Cassie Hurwitz

    I love the blue and the lilac! They’re both so pretty.

  • Kate Wilson
  • Elizabeth Prince

    I’m yet to try these, but I’d go for a white. I love all white nails, but decent nail varnishes in white are hard to find

    Liz, 1415 | Style by 1415 x

  • delanie arias

    I like the blue as well!! Would you mind checking out my blog?
    It would mean the world to me.

  • becky sumner

    I’ll have to try these at some point! Gel nails just aren’t for me because I can’t wear nail polish to work but I love the look of gel nails so maybe this will be a good alternative.

  • Gemma N

    I’ve got the blue, and it’s a lovely spring shade I think.

  • Jemm

    the red/coral is gorgeous!!

  • Lauren Marie

    I really didn’t like these, way too thick and gloopy, the white one is great colour thou, but too much of an effort to apply.

    Lauren – Makeup By Lauren Marie

  • Elizabeth Riddle

    the Lilac colour looks amazing!! I may have to try these out
    Elizabeth x

  • Selma Aganagic-Gabela

    WTH is with posts featuring only one photo or even just two??
    How that “blog post” or “review” differentiates from regular promo releases?
    Even those are sometimes more interesting. More effort, please.

  • Victoria Milner

    I love gel formula nail polish! These colours are so pretty too.
    I have written a post on my favourite Essie polishes if anyone would like to check it out :)

    Vicky xx

  • StyleFlaw

    The colours are very nice!x

  • Lucy Green
  • Lucy Green
  • Sybil Mae

    The green shade is gorgeous! :)