To kick off a new year for Viva Glam, MAC have appointed Rihanna as their new official spokesperson for 2014. For those of you that aren’t aware, Viva Glam is a range sold at MAC that gives every penny to women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Rihanna’s first contribution to the Viva Glam line comes in the form of a limited edition red lipstick and lipglass, of course it wouldn’t be anything but red. Both in the same blue-toned red that flatters cool skin tones and pops on warmer skin tones like mine. 

The lipstick comes in MAC’S ‘Frost’ finish that I think looks quite glistening and glossy. Something I noticed about this compared to other MAC lipsticks I have is that it glided on beautifully without tugging at the lips at all. The limited edition packaging is completely mesmerising, it’s a deep red matte with Rihanna’s signature loosely wrapped around it. 

The lipstick is £15, the lipglass is £14 and both go into stores and on MAC counters today. Rememeber all the money goes to a great cause so there’s no shopping guilt involved… in fact I encourage you to go shopping and if your boyfriend complains of you buying another red lipstick tell him it was a charity donation! 

So what do you think of Rihanna’s first Viva Glam collection?

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  • .

    you look simply beautiful with a red lip !


  • Anna Blush

    It’s so good that Mac is doing something for charity, definitely no shopping guilt! Love this matte packaging and the shade looks lovely on you xx

  • Zazie Bibi

    Such a gorgeous lipstick, and love the packaging too! Definitely going to pick this up, as i’m looking for a new red, and plus its for charity, like you said haha! xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Fashion Blog

  • Mira

    Wow stunning red shade and for a good cause too. I love it :)

    xx Mira

  • Hilde

    Wow, absolutely love that colour! Looks great on you! :)
    And it’s so nice that MAC are actually donating all the money from that line towards such a good cause!

  • Blushes and Beyond

    Wow, I wish they would launch in India soon.

  • Evelyn Morales

    Wow mac has really done it this time. Love the colour lipstick and the packaging is absolutely amazing!!

  • Marlenne

    Looks good on you! Personally, I’m not a fan of frosted lipsticks, but might give this one a try!

  • melissa z

    what a gorgeous lip colour !! you suit it alot lovely :)


  • Hayley M

    There’s something different about this shade of red, I cant decide whether I like it or not, although I’m a sucker for any red lip product and this shade really does suit you!… Love the idea of telling the boyf its not shopping, its a charity donation (that comes with a gift!)! lol!

    Hayley xo | Sailor Stories

  • Amelia

    It looks so pretty, but so bright! I’ve heard people say her line isn’t very good.
    But it’s amazing all the money goes to a good cause.

    Amelia Rose | Beauty Blogger

  • H M F

    It looks lovely on you! That is definitely guilt-free shopping :)

  • Tazmin

    Red lips suit you perfectly! Defo a potential purchase, especially as it’s for charity! :) xx

  • sara iqbal

    aahhh red lips..i love red lipsticks!

  • flailsandnails

    I really like this shade. I’ve been debating about whether to get Rihanna’s Viva Glam lipstick or the original Viva Glam shade as my first MAC lipstick (or product ever, I think OMG). Tough decision but it all goes to charity which is the important thing :D

  • Katie Z

    STUNNING shade of Red on you!
    Katie Loves | UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  • sophiesmakeupblog

    You look stunning! Perfect shade of red! x


  • Aerin Downs

    Would love to try this! Really would love to get it :)!

    BerrieBlogs – Beauty Blog x

  • Megan McClen

    That color is incredible on you, such a nice red for your skin tone.

  • Lauren See

    That color is so striking on you! I don’t often rock a red lip, so I probably won’t pick this up, but it’s really lovely :)

  • Simplybeautifulelegant

    great post!
    hope you visit and follow my blog

  • Ana Céline

    This lipstick looks so lovely on you! Unfortunately I really dislike frost finishes :/

    Ana xo

  • Alk

    It is time to do some charity work! ;) heheee

  • Katy G

    Oh it’s beautiful! x

  • Danielle Hunter

    Oh no, another one for my lust-have list. I’m going to have to stop reading soon lol. Can’t resist all these goodies. Thanks for sharing. Danielle x

  • Stephanie Tang

    This is gorgeous and I can’t get over the packaging!
    Stephanie | Love, August

  • Katie

    This is gorgeous!

    Katie |

  • Annie Lindsay

    This color is PERFECT on you. It’s so bold but somehow natural? That sounds nuts but it’s basically the perfect red.

  • VP

    Wow that lipstick looks amazing. My favorite red of all times is Russian Red from Mac, but this one looks like competition. I must have it!
    I’m new in this community, so I’d appreciate anyone who comments, suggests or recommends anything :) Please stop by

  • Victoria

    omg it’s gorgeous! i just bought a lipstick but i think i need another one…

  • Moira Parton

    Looks so pretty but I already so many red lippies. x

  • Lauren J

    This is such a pretty shade, I need to invest in a red lipstick x


  • Camille

    Oh gosh it’s such a gorgeous color ! Someone told me that we can never have too many lipsticks so I guess It’s okay if I buy it !

  • Jess Shanahan

    Woah. Love this colour.

  • Amy Burgess

    Such a brilliant way to get people to donate to charity, the lipstick looks fab too and all for a good cause! I think I might just have to buy it! Amy, X

  • Sybil Mae

    This is a stunning lip colour and the packaging is fab too! :)

  • Roshni K

    Wow you look amazing, I am SO getting this colour!
    Roshni’s Journey

  • SheDreamsInPerfectFrench

    I was all set to skip this, thinking I didn’t need a red frost (I tend to favor red mattes), but this photo has me thinking otherwise. Damn you!! *shakes fist*

    Shani x
    She Dreams in Perfect French

  • Maddy

    This looks so so pretty, it really suits you! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  • Tiny Alis

    I do really love this colour, it reminds me of the Kate Moss for Rimmel Matte Lipstick in 111 but with a more glossy finish almost. Will definitely be picking this up!

    Tiny Alis

  • Conny

    such a stunning colour, suits you so well! :) xx

  • Millie Nicole

    This looks amazing, the shade is beautiful and I love the packaging!

    Millie x

  • Gillian Barrie

    What a stunning shade – and the packaging, wow!

  • Sian Marie

    That looks beautiful! Added to my wish list!


  • Talisa Tossell
  • Rachel brown

    i NEED this! fully in love!

    Rachel | ascottishrose

  • Cassie Hurwitz

    This is such a beautiful color! It looks amazing on you.

  • Nawshin

    This look really good on you Lily! Like your perfect red, can’t even tell it’s a frost.

  • Hannah

    This is such a gorgeous red and I prefer it to the RiRi Woo so I think I need to get it, especially as it’s for such a good cause! xo

    Hannah | Glitter and Sparkle

  • Chelsea Leigh

    Thats the perfect red lip!

  • Jen27

    Ooh, such a stunning shade on you! Viva Glam lipsticks always pique my interest! xo


  • Ellie Fleet

    I am in love with this! I absolutely LOVE a good red lipstick! :D
    Great post!
    Elephant stories and more

  • Chelsea Candelario

    Such a great color! I would love this lipstick <3

  • Raizel Greco

    Really beautiful shade of red!

    Ray | Obey Ray

  • Amalie Elizabeth

    That shade looks amazing on you!

    Just did a review on Chanel bronzer check it out

  • Lilly
  • Marianna

    What a gorgeous shade! Absolutely perfect


  • Laura Avila

    This color is STUNNING on you!

  • Faye Nicole Hines

    This is a very beautiful color on your skin.

    Boutique Bag Lady

  • drizzyrameesa

    Red looks really lovely on you