I always find an excuse to shop no matter where I am, but in this case I was in the heart of beauty shopping so I couldn’t help myself and I went a little crazy. 

Here’s a quick run through of what I bought, but you can also expect to see these products popping  up in different post over the next couple of months. To subscribe to my channel please click here

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  • Peony and Peach

    When I saw that you were in New York I was excited about the haul that I knew would come after! Great picks, I have 3 of the things that you bought! The MUFE eye crayon in 22E is amazing, I wear it all the time and it just does not budge, the full cover concealer I really like as well, I sometimes mix a tiny drop of it in with my moisturiser and it makes a great tinted moisturiser. And the grape water is definitely available in the UK, I got it from Selfridges a while ago (unless it’s since been discontinued) and you can definitely get it in french pharmacies, they even do a mini size!

    Sorry about the ridiculously long comment!

  • Blushingincolor

    I’m going to be moving from Europe to Canada and the thing I’m most excited about is beauty products. It might sound crazy keeping in mind the nature and beautiful cities of Canada, but I truly can’t wait to go shoping there :)So I understand how you felt about CVS :)
    Great haul!

  • Zandra May

    They used to sell Almay in boots in the uk, I used to use their products when I was at college! They discontinued it sadly, didn’t even now it still existed in America! Amazing haul! X

  • Apple Mail

    I just spotted Neutrogena. I love it so much!


  • Louise Hunt

    I really want to go to US drugstores!

  • Talisa Tossell
  • Hannah Burrows

    I think whenever anyone from the UK goes to America we all have to pick up something from the drugstore, especially a Wet&Wild palette! They seem amazing quality for a cheap price :)

  • Maquillage Magic

    so jealous you got wet and wild!! L xxx

  • Julia Rose Tinted

    Everything in this haul looks great, I really love the packaging of the Marc Jacobs Nail polish, so sleek!

    Julia x

  • Emily Knott

    Oh gosh! I want to go shopping now!

  • dinak

    It’s a 10 has been on my shopping list for months now, I should really get around to buying it! I’d love to hear your review on it :)

    Beauty for the Beauty

  • harleanrose

    looks like you got a lot of great things! the Mark Jacob nail polish looks especially nice, can’t have too many neutrals after all!

    Harlean Rose

  • eliza ahmet

    I cannot wait to go to New York now! I am definitely going to be making a stop at the Tarte stand in Sephora xox


  • Dirty Blonde Ambition

    I prefer Unite 7Seconds to It’s a 10 Leave-In. It’s a bit less expensive, too (at least, based on the price you got for it at Duane Reade). If you haven’t already tried it, you should definitely check it out.

    Looking forward to hearing your opinions about the products you picked up.

    xx Lauren
    Dirty Blonde Ambition

  • Amy

    You got some lovely things Lily! I’m so jealous, I want all of it! haha x
    Amy |

  • Alexis Stern

    I was VERY late to the It’s a 10 product party but I’m so glad I’ve found it. It’s become an amazing staple for me (despite not being thrilled with their shampoo/conditioner).

    So glad you enjoyed New York! As a New Yorker, I can admit that London is way better!


  • Ashma

    I’m exactly the same – always looking for products I can’t find here! Why oh why do they not have a Sephora in London? SO unfair.

    Ashma x

  • Laura Neuzeth

    What a great haul! I love how you got excited over our drugstores. When I went to the UK I got soooo excited to go to Superdrug and Boots. lol

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  • Jane Stevens

    It is really valuable post for all. Everybody should learn some new things from this post. So it is a great one for all

  • Mali

    What lipstick do you wear in that video? It looks beautiful!

  • Ivy Vijay

    Ah pure Argan Oil, it works magic on the skin as well as the hair. It comes from south west of Morocco and is is the new craze of our multi-billion $$ skincare industry.

  • Chantelle Nelson

    Loved watching your haul! I’ve always wanted to try Milani products especially the baked blush…might have do some online snooping to see if I can pick one up haha :) x

    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf