It’s not often that a brand launches a new collection that ticks all the boxes and somehow has me hooked on all the products in the line. This Works have really amazed me with their recent ‘In Transit’ collection. Designed by Creative Director Kathy Phillips to be “portable, unbreakable, un-spillable and multi tasking”, these products truly are a travelling girl’s best friend, although they work just as well for those of us who stay put. The simple, practical, no fuss packaging perfectly represents this range… a collection of products that just do what you want and need them to do! 

First up is in my opinion the most unique product in the range, the Camera Close-Up. The aim of this 3-in-1 product is to act as a mask, moisturiser and primer. The cream is a light weight formula that takes slightly longer to rub into the skin, but when it does it feels really moisturising whilst also smoothing out the skin and creating a nice base. The Skin Defense is a gorgeous light weight moisturiser that provides SPF30 without feeling tacky or heavy on the skin. Another favourite of mine is the No Traces rosewater and mint infused pads which you use to cleanse and brighten the skin. I use these as a toner after I’ve cleansed and they make sure there’s no makeup left as well as really refreshing my skin and slightly exfoliating it with the textured (but not harsh) pads. 

The final two products are the ones that really made me respect This Works as a brand as they proved that this whole collection isn’t about making travelling seem glamorous or pretty, it’s about being practical and that’s exactly what they are. The Muscle Therapy is a handy rollerball that you can use on any aching muscles to ease the pain. I like to use this on my lower back and on the back of my neck throughout the day. The final product is the First Aid which is also a rollerball but this one is an antiseptic treatment that can be used on any minor problems like bites, burns, spots etc. I’m not a huge fan of this one being in a rollerball form as it seems a bit unhygienic but if you roll it onto your finger or a cotton bud first before you apply, it works just as well! 

So there you have it… simple, practical packaging and useful products that do what you actually need them to do. The In Transit range is now available from Space NK, which reminds me, if you haven’t yet registered for an N.Dulge rewards card, you need to! 

Sorry to temp you…. again! 

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