I was given a little sneak peak of this launch a little while ago and it’s just as much a jaw dropper now as it was then. It’s so unexpected, it’s so on trend and it’s so pretty. 

Jo Malone London have collaborated with fashion editor and stylist Charlotte Stockdale to re-launch the Rose collection, a favourite of Charlotte’s. The Red Roses cologne has been dipped in neon paint and each one has been hand engraved with it’s own number. There are only 300 limited edition bottles available and each one says which out of the 300 it is (love that!). 

Alongside the fragrance there will also be limited edition scented scatter cushions, sachets and cologne pouches with detailed hand-stitching in neon pink. 

“My vision is to inject a sense of fun whilst still staying true to the spirit of Jo Malone London”. 

I’m not usually a fan of rose scents, but I like to mix this with my Eccentric Molecules Molecule 01 perfume and it makes it slightly muskier and more my style. The combination is heavenly. 

These limited edition cologne bottles are released this Monday 1st April and will be exclusive to Selfridges London and Manchester, both in store and online. 

If you’re a fan of the Jo Malone Red Roses scent already then this is definitely something to splurge on, but be quick they’re gonna sell fast! 

Jo Malone London, ‘Charlotte’s Corner’ £120*

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  1. Denna says:

    Wow the bottle is beautyful!

  2. Sounds amazing and the bottle is gorgeous! xx

  3. Valérie says:

    That’s such an amazing bottle! We don’t have Jo Malone over here but I’ve heard incredible things about the fragrances so I’m definitely going to check it out when I’m in New York :)

    Great post!


  4. Oleta says:

    This sounds amazing I love Rose scents and the bottle is so different xx

  5. Mira says:

    I love rose scents and this bottle looks pretty rad.



  6. Applebypie says:

    I love Jo Malone – this looks stunning.

  7. This is pretty cool, but I love how classic the Jo Malone bottles usually look – I just know that after a while the neon would drive me mad!

  8. Such a beautiful bottle, rose scent is my favourite too :)


  9. Oh my… That is stunning! & I love rose scented perfumes…

  10. Maddy says:

    Looks so nice and I really love the bottle xxx

  11. Oh how cool does the bottle look?? :-)

  12. Abbey says:

    Love the packaging!

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  13. Helen Louise says:

    Oooh it looks so pretty! I love the limited edition numbering!
    My blog – Cosmetics, clothes and cute things (:

  14. This is such an amazing bottle, so simple yet fun:) x

  15. The first time I saw this bottle on someone’s blog I thought they had did a DIY project on the bottle… Hope this scent is just as good as the fig!


  16. Rothaariges says:

    The bottle looks great!

  17. Amy Taggart says:

    The packaging is beautiful :)


  18. bet these are going to sell ridiculously quickly!

    b xxx

  19. The bottle is ah-mazing! This sounds so lovely! xx


  20. That bottle is so quirky and cute and I absotivly love Jo malone products :)this is perfect

  21. RCagz says:

    Such a cool bottle design! xoxo

  22. Jennifer x says:

    Wow. Eye-catching. I wish I could afford one!

  23. siddalee says:

    The bottle looks amazing, such a great idea.

    Nancy |

  24. Tanya says:

    This is so precious! I am praying that they’ll stock them in Australia. x

  25. The packaging is so cool, neon paint on a classic bottle. Love!! x

  26. Charli says:

    can it be opened?

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