Makeup Tutorial: Dewy Skin & Brown Smokey Eyes

It’s been a while since my last makeup tutorial, so here’s one I filmed before I went away. It’s a look I’ve been wearing a lot recently as I’m sure you’ve noticed on here. 

I hope you like it and for a list of all the products used, click to watch it on YouTube. 

Lily xx

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  • Awaken-Beauty

    Cant wait too watch now while my baby naps!! xo

  • Valérie

    I love the video! This look really suits you :) You’re so pretty!

    Great post! :D


  • Emma

    Very pretty! I really enjoyed the video :)

  • Josie

    Watched this this morning and was amazed by how the silk creme looked mixed with the Clarins! I definitely need to give it a go x

  • Claudia

    I really like how soft and natural it is, whilst also being polished. Also thing the lip colour is perfect on you. x

    The January Girl ♥

  • *Jessie‘s LalaLand*

    Watched it earlier today, it’s so soft and gorgeous! and you are so pretty as always :)
    PS. hosting a giveaway on my blog, check it out? :3

  • Maddy

    I love this look on you, it really suits you! xxx

  • Camille

    Lovely look. Think I’m gonna try it tomorrow

  • Martine

    Great tutorial! I like this look on you, it really brings out your eyes. Also, I absolutely love your lip colour.

    Martine :)

  • Leanne Rachel

    Lovely tutorial, thanks Lily! xxx


  • Lucy Cole

    I really need to practice the smokey eye look, it’s gorgeous!Xx

  • NewKidOnTheBlog

    Love how naturally you do your makeup, you never look really ott,so beautiful! xo

  • Nina Papaioannou

    I can’t wait to try your instructions… I was impressed by the way you use foundation and concealer ..

  • Porcelain Eleanor

    Love it when you do tutorials :)
    Eleanor x

  • Anna Black

    Lovely look, I’m loving dewy skin at the minute, you look amazing!

  • Ksenia B

    such a lovely video!!!loved watching it!!

  • Jana

    Love it!<3

  • Melissa B

    Your makeup always looks perfect! Thanks for making the video…now maybe my makeup can be as nice as yours!?

  • MonkeySocks90

    Love how natural and pretty this look is, great video

  • Paris Grace

    Love that look, MAC Studio Rose looks lovely, might have to try that one soon :)

    Paris Alma

  • Emily

    Can’t wait to watch this:) x

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  • Barb Brussels

    You look super pretty in this makeup!will try to recreate it tomorrow.
    Good thing, its very office appropriate!
    Hugs Lily

  • Nazee

    Im a big fan of a dewy look so will be checking out some of the products used!

  • Amy Jayne

    I enjoyed watching this. I love finding out new tricks for make up!
    That make up look, really suits you! :)


  • Anna Blush

    You look gorgeous! Lovely video. Hope you’re enjoying LFW! x

  • Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog – Girlie Blog Seattle

    Light and pretty. I think this is a good look for you.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Fashion

  • HeartsAndCrosses

    I love your videos and your eye make up is gorgeous, love the eyeshadow

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I’m running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Giveaway here

  • Kate Lees

    Lovely everyday makeup x

  • Unknown

    your neck looks white compared to your face and the color of your foundation looks patchy but love your eyeshadow.You can still see the bags under your eyes.

  • Louise Lam

    Lovely tutorial! You look gorgeous. I’m still so tempted to buy that Clinique mascara!


  • sugarfixxbeauty

    Gorgeous as expected, great video

    Katie xo

  • Emily-Rose Marshall

    This is a gorgeous look. Lovely tutorial :)


  • Beautyfromfrance
  • JustEmily

    Really helpful video, it was good that you didn’t cut out the foundation or concealer because some people skip that.
    I really want to try some more NYX products like those pencils after watching this!

    Emily x –

  • kinza shahid

    You look gorgeous Lily! Will definitely try to recreate this look :)


  • Jen27

    What a great look! Gotta love an everyday, wearable smokey eye. UD Deeper looks fantastic and Stereo Rose does such a nice job at adding a pop of colour to the cheeks. So pretty! :)


  • emily

    I’ve been loving this look. I’m so glad you did a tutorial on it. I’ve been rocking something similar since you did a look of the day like this.


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