My LFW (like most people’s) was stressful, jam-packed, tiring but amazing as always. I was working the whole week for L’Oreal Professional reporting on all their shows for their blog which you can read here. I got back from Thailand Thursday night and fashion week started on the Friday so there was zero time for outfit planning. Also I’ve learnt in past seasons that when you do backstage you need to be comfortable and you also need to stay out of the way which means no huge coats or handbags. I wanted to look nice but my outfits were probably my least priority of the week, but I thought you’d still like to see what I wore so here it is… 

Day 1: Ray Ban Wayfarers*, Romwe jacket*, Zara necklace, Urban Outfitters bag, Topshop tshirt dress, Topshop spotted tights, Topshop boots. (Romwe are currently running their White Valentine’s Day sale!)

Day 2: Zara necklace, Topshop jumper, Urban Outfitters bag, Topshop skirt, Topshop boots. 

Day 3: Topshop necklace, Zara coat, Topshop top, Urban Outfitters bag, Topshop leigh jeans, Topshop boots. 

Day 4: Topshop necklace, Topshop leather jacket, Zara top, Urban Outfitters bag, Topshop leigh jeans, Hudson boots*

Day 5: Romwe jacket*, Topshop jumper, Zara shirt, Urban Outfitters bag, Topshop leigh jeans, Hudson boots*

These photos make me laugh… look at my face in all of them, it just screams “I’m so tired”. Despite this it was a successful Fashion Week and these are (in my opinion) a successful collection of thrown together, casual outfits. What do you think?

Lily xx

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  • Valérie

    I love all your outfits! You look very, very pretty :) I wish I could go to London Fashion week, haha! Hope you had an awesome time :)

    Great post!


  • Kate Lees

    I love your Romwe jacket, so gorgeous x

  • *Jessie‘s LalaLand*

    I love all your outfits but the last one is my favotite!
    you’re gorgeous :)

  • Divya

    u look lovely as usual but my fav is day 3..lovely khakee jeans and the smokey eye with nude lip simply rocks!!! and especially the tied hair 10/10


  • Mira

    Really cute comfy looks. Day 4 is my favorite look <3



  • Rothaariges

    I love the first outfit the most!

  • Callie Thorpe

    That blue jumper is so gorgeous, it really stands out! xx

  • Gillian

    Your outfits are lovely for having no time to plan them :)

    Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x

  • Hannah Cagney Lace

    My favourite outfit is your last one Lily, I love the orange knit with the Zara shirt peeking out plus your Romwe coat is a serious winner.


  • Laura Logan

    I love the colbat blue jumper! I have been eyeing it up for weeks, you might have swayed me. :-)

  • Jilly Fretwell

    All of the outfits are flawless, I absoloutely adore day 4’s – So simple but chic. xx

  • Lyndsey Camille

    I especially love Days 3,4, and 5 :)

  • avmademoiselle

    Love the simplicity of your outfits!! Nice choices!! Have a great day :)

  • Whats on your tulips

    wow looks like you had such a fun week. All your outfits are lovely.

    Whats On Your Tulips

  • Emily

    I love that blue jumper:) x

    Featuring. Urban Outfitters, Models Own & More.

  • Hannah

    You look lovely in all of these pictures Lily! Day 5 is my favourite but I love all of your statement necklaces, especially Day 3! You don’t look tired at all but I bet you’re going to sleep for a week now!


  • Zandra May

    Love the 1st outfit lily! Love how your outfits are stylish but not outrageous like most peoples at fashion week! Just shows you don’t need to try too hard in order to look great :) x

  • Joanna

    Im loving day 3 the best altho you look fab on ever day !

  • Shradha G Loves

    I’m loving the jacket and jumpers
    S xx

  • Maddy

    YOu look amazing in all of this photos, I particularly love the Romwe jacket! xxx

  • LuxeLifeAspirations

    Fab outfits! Love the Romwe jacket :)

  • Sonia

    I love your outfits the blue jumper looks really great on you!

  • CassieFee

    you look really cool:3

  • Becca

    Love them all, especially the all black.

    Becca x

  • Holl JC

    Love all these outfits! They’re all so simple yet stunning! You looked incredible! xxx

  • Camille

    The second one is my fav

  • Joana

    Love all the oufits, you look amazing in every one! But my favorite are the 1st and the 4th, they’re simple and really pretty.
    I’m sure you had a great time! I wish I could go to London Fashion Week one day :)
    Love your blog, xo

  • ABeautyRomance

    Love what you wore on day 4! The jacket is lovely! :)

  • Pippa Jones

    Gosh you do have alot of black, But come to think about it I live in alot of black too. Love the Green pants look lovely on you.

    Pipp x

  • Oleta
  • Charlotte Ann Owst

    Love all of them, especially the last one and the khaki Topshop jeans really suit you x

  • Fiona Lily

    I love the second one! You look fab x

  • Kirsty Blogling

    In love with your Zara coat & pretty much everything else you’re wearing!x

  • Angharad Poole

    These are all lovely, but my favourite has to be the second with the bright blue jumper, you look fab!annie x

  • Barb Brussels

    Youre such a stunning lady!

  • Ruth

    day 4 and day 5 for me!
    you have the BEST legs lily! xo

  • Shea Love

    Do you know that blogger Tamara also from UK whos boyfriend is Arsenal player? Since you love football Im sure you know which one im talking about. Sorry for randomness, just watched your 20 random facts tag, and rest of the videos haha. Are you and Ana friends in real life also?
    Why didnt Ruth come to Paris? Sorry for asking too many questions, I just love blogs too much :)

  • Jen27

    Like all of these outfits, but #4 especially. Can’t go wrong with a leather jacket! Hope you had an amazing time, despite being so tired out!


  • thalia

    I seriously love all of your outfits, I love how you’ve stayed true to yourself in the midst of some crazy trends worn during LFW. Very classy xx

  • Amy

    Love the Romwe jacket, do you know which season it is as can’t see it on the website?
    Love all the looks :)
    Amy x

  • Leanne Rachel

    I love your fashion sense Lily. I ordered those Topshop boots at the weekend and now I’m even more excited for them to arrive! xx


  • sugarfixxbeauty

    Love all the looks, so effortless and well put together! :)
    Katie xo

  • Laura loves…

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  • Laura loves…

    Your outfits are gorgeous, especially day four. Loving the necklace!

    LFW looked ace!


  • siddalee

    You look amazing in all of these – absolutely love your style! Perfect for backstage at LFW. Serious inspiration

  • Klaudia…

    Really like this post! I love the brown trousers you wore! <3

  • Beauty and the B

    I have the neon blue number, really suits you! hope you enjoyed fashion week

    B xxx

  • Nell

    Your outfits are gorgeous – effortless, understated but so, so chic! The jacket is my favourite piece.

  • Dj Mordia

    Awesome outfits matched with awesome pairs of designer footwear.. Loved it..! :)