I know glitter season is over and you’re all probably sick to death of it, but I wanted to show you how I did my nails for New Years Eve (sorry for the delay!). 

I’ve never tried this before but I just thought I’d give it a go and I was really happy with the result! I painted my nails with two coats of the Ciaté ‘Power Dressing’, a gorgeous navy blue that I got in my advent calendar. Once the blue was completely dry, I started the glitter, doing each nail at a time. I simple splodged some glitter all along the tip of my nail (where the white bits would normally be) and then using an old topcoat I don’t mind making glittery, I swept the top coat over the glitter pulling down towards to cuticle part of the nails. If you do it slowly, you can control where the glitter goes and get the desired effect for however you like it. I went back on a few nails and added more glitter to the tip if there were gaps. I then let all the glitter dry and applied my favourite top coat over the top to make sure it stayed put. 

So that’s it! Easy! You can do it with any colours and I think a pale, pastel pink and rose gold glitter would be so pretty. 

Are you going to give this a go?

Lily xx

Ciaté ‘Power Dressing’ | Nails Inc ‘Electric Avenue’* | Barry M Basecoat/Topcoat

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  1. Katie Walker says:

    I struggle with ombré nails and always give up half way through, however these look so cool with the glitter ombré! I may have to try again!


  2. Kate Lees says:

    Stunning, will have to try and give this a go x

  3. Hannah says:

    Looks lovely, will have to give this a go! x

  4. citywhispers says:

    Loving the ombre look! we’ll definitely try this look. great combo!! xx

  5. These nails are gorgeous! I so regret not getting the Ciate advent, all the polishes are such nice colours! x

  6. Alissia says:

    You are so good at nails, Lily! Love these! x

  7. Valérie says:

    Wow that looks so pretty! I really want to try this 😀 xx

  8. Holl JC says:

    This looks wonderful, so so pretty! xxx

  9. Great Ciate colour choice Lily – I picked Power Dressing as one of my favourite polishes from the Mini Mani Month in a recent post I did.

    I’ll certainly be giving this a go although I’m not sure they’ll look as pretty as your picture.


  10. Nicole says:

    i love this, I have this ciate navy blue and Im just going to try and find a glitter silver in my collection so I can try and re-create this look! I really enjoy reading your nail style posts great for inspiration 🙂 x

  11. Heather says:

    these are lovely, i’ve always wanted to do these but wasn’t sure exactly how to but i’ll definitely be giving these a go!

    i’m holding a giveaway over on my blog if your interested at all 🙂

  12. Frances says:

    They look so pretty, I love navy at this time of year it’s so nice to have a change from black but still feel “wintry”

  13. Leonie Sara says:

    I love this look, I tried it with red under a gold glitter for a real christmas look!


  14. As long as its still cold and snowy outside glitter season is definitely not over! These nails are very snow-queeny, love it 🙂

    I’m going to be doing a nail art post later today i’d love for you to come see it!
    Alexandra Lauren Rose

  15. jess frazer says:

    Gorgeous and simple! I’m not too great at nails but I think I could give this a go.

    Jess xx

  16. Abby says:

    these are gorgeous in love with this combination! x

  17. Pippa Jones says:

    These are soo pretty i have tried to do some like this before but it failed miserably :/ yours are so pretty tho!

    Pipp xx

  18. Catalina Can says:

    Really like these – love the navy colour especially!

  19. Catalina Can says:

    Really like these – love the navy colour especially!

  20. Katie says:

    Gorgeous look- glitter is chic for a change!
    Katie xx

  21. Olivia Law says:

    I love these! Really simple but it looks so classy xo

  22. Andrea Marie says:

    Lily you are such an inspiration!
    I love your blog!!

    && I love this nail look, so pretty and fancy!
    – Andrea Marie xx

  23. They look so pretty! xx


  24. Εvi says:

    Wow, it actually sounds a bit scary in application! Doing the opposite motion when applying the top coat sounds… wrong!


  25. I can never seem to get this to come out quite like that! Kudos you, it looks fantastic.


  26. Charlotteee says:

    they look so much better than mine when i try!

  27. Lil says:

    These look great and you make it sound really easy. Going to give it a go!

  28. daniella-r says:

    Love these nails, I actually had very similar for new years eve- but mine was a black coat with gold glitter 🙂
    Daniella x

  29. Issy Beaton says:

    I do that all the time but never thought to try navy with silver. I always did red to gold but will be giving this colour combo a go

  30. Meneksh x says:

    Can you ever get bored of glitter?! I love it 🙂 navy is one of my favourite colours at the moment. I had major coat envy today when a woman walked past me wearing a navy coat with brass buttons.

  31. These are so lovely, I really want to try this out in a red gloss with gold glitter xxx

  32. Georgina o says:

    That looks so pretty! And it sounds really easy aswell- definitley going to give it a go!

  33. These are so pretty, I really want to try a Ciate nail polish! I definitely missed out during mani month! xxx

  34. Amy Brown says:

    gorrrgeous! trying this right now haha 🙂


  35. Anna Black says:

    Ooh this is so , definitely be trying it out!

  36. These are amazing, can’t go wrong with a ciate polish!


  37. Louise Lam says:

    Pretty! I tried this the other day with a bright glittery blue as my base then silver glitter for the tip of my nails. I didn’t really like how it turned out but I love yours! Maybe I should try a darker base next time.

  38. glalamorous says:

    gorgeous! i love the idea of pink/rose gold, defo gonna have to try x

  39. Klaudia... says:

    That’s amazing! I think I tried doing these kind of design already but failed. They remind me of snow, hah! <3xo

    I’m holding a ‘giveaway’ for new blogs to be discovered more!

  40. Jen27 says:

    Gosh, love the silver against the navy backdrop and the way you’ve created a gradient with the glitter. So pretty! 🙂


  41. I’m your hand twin, I think.

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