Winter Candles I’m Burning

Hi, I’m Lily and I’m a candleholic…

Seriously, I’m obsessed/addicted to candles so I thought it was about time I made a candle video. This one is about the more Wintery scents that I’m currently loving. 

Click ‘more info’ at the top right of the video so see more about the candles I talk about. And you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here

What’s your favourite Winter candle?

Lily xx

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  • prowsed Sarah

    Lovely candles! I really love having a candle to burn :)

  • mirror mirror

    The apple and brown sugar candle sounds amazing :)

  • louisebray95

    I currently have an obsession with Yankee candles as my boyfriend bought me 12 of them for Christmas :’) Sparkling Cinnamon is the most beautiful smell in the world but I’m scared to burn it because I can’t find it anywhere to repurchase :'( x

  • Tabitha

    I’m addicted to Yankee Candles (finally, I’m so behind – it’s like a blogger’s rite of passage!) but can’t bring myself to shell out lots for something I’m just going to burn! I’ve been buying a lot of their wax tarts which make the house smell just as good for only £1.25 a pop. Plus a load of their Christmas scents are now half price too! I’m burning Honey & Spice as we speak! x

  • Rachelle

    I’m a candleholic too! I always go to TKMaxx to get cheapy but amazing scents! My favourite is Tilly Parker’s ‘rustic’ or the White company ‘silver birch’ for winter :)
    Rachelle x

  • BowsAreCute Katrien

    Love the video! I’m also quite obsessed with candles!

  • Amina T

    Hey there -is their some other way to view your YouTube videos cuz its restricted these days..?? and I love you blog … trust me I’ve been reading your posts all day-long ..!!

    Amina x

  • Amina T
  • Stephanie Obrowski

    ahhhh i love candles! im currently burning through all my BBW candles from all the sales but i want to look into some other brands when im through!

  • Robyn Paige

    i am actually addicted to addicted to candles, smel amazing! che ck out our blog! xxxxxxxxx

  • Suzanne

    Laura mercier candles for Xmas are brilliant scents- I love the chesnut and crime brûlée. Beautiful balsnce of scents! Also in the space nk sale!

  • mia

    I don’t really burn candles but after watching I have a felling I might start

  • Ella’martine

    mm looks amazing. winter is the time of year i just go crazy with candles! x

  • Jennifer x

    White chocolate from Diamond Candles. Smells like hot cocoa when it’s chilly!

  • nisprihtime

    I am absolutely in love with your blog! I wasn’t quite sure which post to comment on because I love all of them.

  • Candace

    Loved your video! I’m always up for good candle chat :)

    I’m a big fan of Bath and Body Works candles, from the States. Merry Mistletoe is the most amazing wintry berry scent ever, and Mahogany Teakwood is this nice, kind of Hollister-esque, warm cologne-y woody scent. They’re both on winter rotation!

  • ABeautyRomance

    Great post, love the video too! I love to burn candles all year round but especially in the winter! :)

  • hannah maggs

    hehehehe im addicted too :) theres something about candles that makes me feel so calm and cosey :) xx

  • Rara

    Molton Brown’s Firefly Embers Medio Candelo is unbelievable xox

  • JustEmily

    I love candles too :D
    Sometimes there just aren’t enough pennies in the student loan haha

    Emily x –

  • FireRose

    I love candles I am always burning candles or wax melts _ so much better than the standard air freshners!

    Melting MomentsUK on facebook make wonderful candles, good priced and have wonderful scent throw on them!