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Monday, 10 December 2012

I've been a fan of Cult Beauty for quite a while now so when I was invited to meet the founders and talk through some of their cult products I jumped at the chance. 

The website was founded by two beauty junkies and this is no PR story, I've met them and they truly are as mad about beauty as all of us. They've spent the past four years handpicking their favourite products to feature on the site and they test every one of them. We spoke about products that didn't make it on the website so I can assure you they put every product to the test and only the great ones make it through. 

So here are some of Cult Beauty's best offerings and wow it includes some amazing products. My absolute favourite perfume Molecule 01 is on there, which is so nice that even my grandma has added it to her Christmas wish list! Anastasia is a brand I've heard so much about but never tried as you guys know I don't do much to my brows. The clear brow gel is really great though and the brush is a lot softer than my HD Brows one. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars are products that everyone always goes crazy for at IMATS and these are also on Cult Beauty. They come in loads of colours and are best applied with a brush and they're pretty much a liquid lipstick! This 'Black Dahlia' colour looks scary in the tube but it's actually a gorgeous dark raspberry/grape colour. HYPERCOLOR is something I know will soon be very popular as they're such an easy way to experiment with colour. You simply have to rub them onto your hair and if you're not a fan you can wash it out straight away without damaging or drying your hair. 

Jouer is a brand that's exclusive to Cult Beauty and I've spoken about their bronzer here before. The mini mini moisture tints are the cutest things ever. You get four in a pack and they're great for travelling or weekends away. It's basically a tinted moisturiser, but I'll be back soon with a more detailed review. 

The final two brands I want to talk about is d.j.v beautenizer and Therapie. We had the founder of Therapie, Michelle Roques O'Neill, talk us through all the products and wow she is an impressive lady. Her powerful products are designed to be self-healing and help restore a natural energy flow. I literally can't wait to try these bath salts, I've already given them a sniff and it nearly sent me into hibernation. When the d.j.v beautenizer products came out Caroline pretty much had a fit of excitement, so that was enough for me to know these must be some pretty special products. So far I am absolutely loving the volumising mascara but again, I'll report back with a full review soon!

So there's my little introduction to Cult Beauty but please go take a look for yourself because there are some really amazing products on there and you can trust that they're good quality. 

Have you shopped on Cult Beauty before?

Lily xx

d.j.v beautenizer Volume Lash* | d.j.v beautenizer Fiberwig* | TAY Grape Cleanser*
 TAY Night Cream* | HYPERCOLOR Brow & Hair Colour* | Fig+Yarrow Bath+Body Oil*
Jouer mini luminizing moisture tint* | Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 | Lip Tar 'Black Dahlia'*
Anastiasia Brow Powder Duo* | Anastasia brush* | Anastasia Covet Waterproof Eyeliner*
Anastiasia Clear Brow Gel* | Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts* | Kai Perfume Oil* 
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  1. Oh its great to finally find somewhere that sells the lip tars in the UK! I will have to check out the site, thank you.

  2. Looks great. I'll defo check it out. x

  3. Found some think very new on your site. Thanks so much.

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  4. I love Molecule 01, it's one of my favourites too! Cult beauty is amazing, lovely post Lily xx

  5. Never heard of Cult Beauty so thank you for sharing will definitely be having a browse this afternoon! x

  6. Really want to try out the anastasia brow powder :) x

  7. Wow, they really have a great selection of excellent brands! I've bee using the Anastasia brow powder duo for years and it's definitely my holy grail brow product. And I just bought my first ever OCC Lip Tar and am loving it! Will have to check this website out :)


  8. I'm so curious about the molecule perfume. I'm definitely going to try it when I'm in London!

  9. love the lip tars and really want to try the molecule perfume :d

  10. Acutally love all the product, want them all! <3 xo

  11. Ooh I've seen Estee (Essie Button) 's review on the Jouer bronzer, I would love to try it! :) I'll have a look at the BeautyCult website now! Xx

  12. I adore the Lip Tars, I love 'Pretty Boy', it's such a fun colour! I really want to try out 'Black Dahlia' though!! I love the look of Hypercolor, it's such a great idea because I'm do indecisive about colour! All of these products look fab!


  13. Never showed on cult beauty before, sounds amazing though and some of the products are just incredible! Think I'll give it a look


  14. Ah love this post, Lily. These products are amazing :)

    Lela -

  15. I'm glad to know there'll be a place for me to get my Kai when I'm in London next year. I've loved that perfume for at least 5 years now, and it is quite honestly too hard to find! x

  16. Did you get all those products for free?? You lucky girl! ;) I bet Anna from viviannadoesmakeup get those products also if you watch her latest blogpost and video! But it's a lovely site,I agree!

  17. Genuinely good thanks, I do believe your trusty audience would probably want a great deal more blog posts of this nature maintain the good hard work.


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