Snowflake Sweater

This was the day I nearly killed my mother. She tried, she did… but these were literally the only photos I could salvage from the day. Any photographers out there want to move in with me?

I have found it pretty hard to take off my Primark Super Cosy tights recently and have had to buy a couple of backup pairs. They are warmer than any trousers, jeans or tights I’ve ever worn and literally keep me feeling cosy all day. This faux leather skirt is a new purchase for me and although I was looking for a pleated version for ages, I’m happy I got this one as it’s a bit more grown up. 

The sweater is from Boohoo and it’s one of my favourite Christmas/Winter sweaters. It’s thin enough to tuck into skirts but thick enough to keep you warm and I absolutely love the print. Boohoo are currently running a competition where you can win £500 Boohoo vouchers. It’s called Party Pose and all you have to do is tweet or instagram a photo of yourself striking a pose in an item of boohoo clothing and tag it with #partypose. The competition ends on 26th December so try and get a quick photo in this weekend! 

Sweaters tucked into skirts over very thick winter tights? Yes please! What do you think?

Lily xx

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  • Katie Walker

    I love this jumper! So festive! The whole look is great!


  • Milly

    you look lovely Lily, the jumper is perfectly festive x

  • Sheree Milli

    LOL- nearly killed your mum.
    They are crap sometimes.
    I have to take my own photos so be grateful she at least tries. haha.

    Great look. xx

  • Daria

    Love the outfit! The sweater and jumper combo is great! ;) Xx

  • Hannah Cagney Lace

    Ha I have the same problem with my mum taking my picturess bless her. She always says there’s some good ones here & then when I get them to the computer they’re all blurry! Great jumper Lily, love a Christmas jumper & I’ve been living in my cosy tights too after your recommendation.


  • Grace

    Lovely outfit! Your nails look amazing too!x

  • Sam Sparrow

    Where is the skirt from Lily? I’m looking for one just like it! :-)

  • Lauren

    Everything about this is perfect! The jumper, nails and necklace :) xo

  • Charlotte Anne Owst

    I love the jumper, it looks so cute! Gorgeous outfit xx

  • Heather

    Love your outfit and your nails too :)

  • LuxeLifeAspirations

    Love this jumper, fab outfit :)

  • Danielle Reed

    Your Nails look great :)

  • paulina siedlecka

    your nails! wowzza! so pretty! xx

  • Charlotte

    Love this outfit! X

  • Frances_VV

    Thanks to you, I now live in the primark super cozy tights as

  • Abby

    so much love for this outfit!

  • hollydocx

    Mums just don’t get ‘the angles’. also they love flash.

  • Kristina

    I love them nails. I can only wish that I was as skilled with the nail art as you are.

  • Jen27

    What a fantastic sweater! I love holiday sweaters, and like this this one is festive, but still very chic. Looks great paired with the new leather skirt :)


  • ABeautyRomance

    Such a lovely look! Love the sweater! :)

  • Rebecca

    Love this outfit! It looks super cosy and the skirt is great. and I feel the same way about my mom taking pictures. it’s like she can do everything but take decent pictures for me hahah
    Rebecca @

  • lucillejoy

    I love this skirt more than the pleated ones, more neat I think. Love the sweater and your nails too!

  • Emily

    Yay, outfit of the day you look lovely:)

  • lily white english rose

    love the sweater its so christmassy and cosy :D

  • luka

    you are stunning xxx

  • Ashley Taylor

    Love everything about this :)

    xo Ashley

  • Sophie Pocock

    Love your outfit hun you look great.

  • daniella-r

    This jumper is really cute! I love the colours :)
    Daniella x

  • Megan
  • stylestyle2010

    Nail tutorial please, they are fabulous! x

  • jennycute

    Totally agree about the primark super cosy tights! I love them! I have the maroon and navy but think I need to get some of the black too :)

  • AliceLily

    Really cute outfit :) and totally with you about primarks super cosy tights! x

  • Alexia Inge

    Your nails look brilliant, one of the most fun looks I’ve seen.

  • chen yun

    Your sweater and dress look so great.Love your outfit.Getting FREE Christmas Gifts Here,

  • Electric Daisies

    That skirt is so gorgeous. XO

  • Klaudia…

    Love the jumper! So festive! Also love the necklase! <3 xo

  • Cheap Frills

    Cosy and chic! Love the look :) Your nails look fabulous too! x

  • Shradha G Loves
  • bominzy

    where’s the necklace from?