Merry Christmas!

A glass of milk, cookies & a mince pie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph.

To all of you, I wish you a very Merry Christmas! Thank you for being such amazing readers and always leaving such lovely comments, it means the world to me. I’ve been running this blog for nearly three years, but the past few months have been the best, the most rewarding and enjoyable. I always read your comments and I know some of you have been reading since the very beginning, so thank you. I’ve loved being able to give so much more time to blogging recently and posting better daily content that you seem to be enjoying! Your continued support means the world to me and I’m so thankful to each and every one of you. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day with your friends and family, eating food and being merry. I have my December favourites video scheduled to go live tomorrow but then I’ll be back posting regularly from the weekend. I’ve also been uploading two videos a week to my YouTube channel so I’d love it if you checked them out. The hard work that goes into keeping the WIHT blog and YouTube channel up to the standard I like is all worth it because I absolutely LOVE doing it and it’s something that’s helped make this Christmas one of the best ones yet!

Merry Christmas!!! 

lots of love Lily xx

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  1. Fleur says:

    I hope you have an absolutely wonderful Christmas! I do love your blog so thank you so much for all your posts and the time you out into it 🙂 xo

  2. Holly says:

    Merry Christmas, Lily! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, stuff your face with delicious food!

  3. Nicola says:

    Merry Christmas Lily, have a wonderful day with your family.

  4. Laura says:

    Have an amazing Christmas Lily! 🙂 xx

  5. Ava Tallulah says:

    Merry Christmas, lovely! That mince pie looks DELISH!

    Ava Tallulah

  6. and a merry christmas to you too!

  7. Lucy Old says:

    This is so sweet!
    Merry Christmas. Hope you have a lovely day!
    The work you put into your blog really does show 🙂



  8. AlinaLoves says:

    Happy Christmas, Lily! Thank you for your amazing blog and being so fabulous! xx

  9. AngelDust says:

    Lol@ the carrot haha.

  10. Hope you have a Mery Christmas!! …I have a Christmas tag on my blog if you’d like to do it!!


  11. Have a very lovely Christmas Lily, thank you for being such a dedicated blogger and giving us so many lovely posts to read. Lots of love! xx


  12. Lola says:

    Happy Christmas Lily, a true pleasure to read your blog and watch it grow x

  13. S says:

    thank you 🙂
    i also wish you a merry christmas 🙂


  14. Merry Christmas Lily! You really deserve all of your readers and comment, I love reading your posts and watching your videos:)

  15. f-e-r-n says:

    hope you and your family are all having a lovely christmas!! see you when you return 🙂 xxxxx

  16. Gemma Turner says:

    Awww Happy Christmas Lily! Hope you got lots of gorgeous presents & had a lovely time.
    Gem xx

  17. Happy Christmas Lily, hope santa was good to you!


  18. Diane J says:

    Merry Chistmas Lily. Your definitely one of my fave beauty blogger/youtuber

  19. No, thank you! You’ve been an inspiration to me, and I’m sure everyone else! 🙂


  20. Clotee S says:

    Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!
    Bring you Good wishes of happiness.

    Sorry for greeting you earlier,, just don’t want miss saying this.
    By the way, I’m clotee. It’s my first time visiting your blog. I am blogger too, and now try my best luck to open an e-store. Nice to know you.


  21. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!
    Bring you Good wishes of happiness.
    Get Latest Wallpapers of Happy New Year 2014 & Merry Christmas

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