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Last week I went to see what Nails Inc has in store for their future launches, but I had no idea how many new nail polish ideas I’d see. Normally brands launch with one big new idea, but we discovered about five at this one event. 
First we have the Denim collection launching next June for £19 which you apply onto the nails and after 30 seconds you can see the denim effect appear. These, of course, come in blue tones. 
Then we have the Leather Effect polishes which I haven’t quite decided if I love these or really dislike them. They will be out in March next year and are £12 each. As you can guess by the name they create a leather-like effect on the nails when you apply it (no top coat) and let it dry. 
Onto the favourite of the night the Feather polishes, which are out next March and are £11 each. These literally look like hundreds and thousands and you only need two coats to create the intense effect. 
The Spring/Summer collection launching in March at £11 each also looks gorgeous. I love my pastel shades and it’s great that you can all these shades in the Trend Collection kit for only £22 – bargain! I never go through a whole bottle of polish, so these minis are perfect. 
Other launches from the night were the Concrete nails (not a fan myself), Bling It On jewels to stick on your nails and a new top and base coat. The Gel Top Coat is supposed to give you nails that look like gels… I’ll report back! 
So there are loads of Nails Inc product launching next year which is pretty exciting if your a fan of the brand. Do any of these catch your eye? 
Lily xx

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  1. not sure about the leather effect, don’t think they will really be my thing but I’m dying to try the feather polishes! Amazing idea xx

  2. Katie Walker says:

    Wow, those leather effect polishes look so cool! Very unique! I love Nail’s inc 🙂


  3. AliceLily says:

    Those feather ones look so cool! x

  4. The feather effect and pastel polishes look great, the gel top coat sounds interesting as well 🙂

  5. Gillian says:

    The Bling It On looks really pretty. I love the look of gel nails.

    Gillian x

  6. I absolutely love all these shades and “effects”, would like to try them out, all of them!:)
    Enjoy your weekend!!

  7. daniella-r says:

    Can’t wait to try the leather effect polishes! I really love the idea of them and how they look, guess it just depends on how they look and feel on my nails
    Daniella x

  8. Tori says:

    Wow so much new stuff! I think the feather nail polishes look so nice

  9. Emma says:

    I’d love to try the denim nail polish, cant beat a bit of denim!


  10. I’d love to hear all about the gel top coat, I managed to drop mine on the bathroom floor the other night… bye bye brand new top coat.

  11. Kate says:

    The leather effect ones look amazing! x

  12. Sharina says:

    cant wait to try the feather polishes – unique idea!!


  13. for some reason i am liking the color on the feather types

    xo Cassy

  14. The feather polishes look amazing! xx


  15. Klaudia... says:

    I love the glitter affect nail polishes, really want to try them! <3 xo

  16. Daria says:

    Wow, these new nail polishes are amazing! I love the feather effect, not too keen on the leather one :/ Great post though! x

  17. Hannah says:

    I absolutely adore the feather effect polish, it looks amazing!! I like the concept of the leather effect, and it doesn’t look terrible, I don’t think I’d pay £12 for it though. I’m defiantly going to have fun experimenting with the bling it on-I’m all excited for nails next year now!!


  18. Olivia says:

    I love the leather and feather effect ones, they’re gorgeous! I’m looking forward to trying them out 🙂 x

  19. dnalbnire says:

    I like the sound of the leather effect, but not sure about the no top coat thing? I had a suede effect nail polish which chipped loads because it wasn’t meant to have a topcoat :S

    The set looks gorgeous, beautiful colours and perfect in mini form 🙂 xx

  20. Katherine xo says:

    wow can’t wait for the feather effect polishes! they look so cool! x

  21. I had seen Instagram pictures on the feather ones, but I really like the leather effect in black! I think it looks like the coated J Brand jeans if that makes any sense?

  22. Cindy lemmer says:

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    Cindy Xoxo

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