Finished Products #2

Lots of empty products and lots of mixed opinions. I’ve been forcing myself to finish some products recently otherwise they just sit around and take up space. Here’s what I was left with. 

Click to watch the video on YouTube to see all the details in the description box. 

Lily xx

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  • Hannah

    I like watching empty videos! Find them really interesting xx

  • Deonne

    Good video. I think I need to invest in the nail varnish remover as everyone raves about it!

  • Maira

    I love empties videos! I just posted my very first post on my blog and i would love if you had a look!! xxx

  • E V E L Y N

    Really love watching empties videos and reading blog posts about them! That NEOM handwash sounds lovely :) x

  • Sarah

    I love these videos! I have the hot oil elixir and I find it quite hard to work with!

    Sarah x

  • Megan

    You always make me want to buy lots of new products! Love these videos x

  • Lilly Gray

    I just finished a bottle of the vo5 hot oil, it really didn’t do anything for my hair either! Glad to see someone else didn’t like it too as I’ve never seen a bad review on it yet. Xx

  • thebeautyheroes.

    i’m a bit of a hand sanitizer enthousiastic myself need to check out handmaid ! x

  • Jen27

    Great video! You’re really making me want to try the Neom hand wash. My hands get so dry in the colder weather, so this sounds like a very nice option :)


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  • Sadia

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