American Apparel Neon Red Nail Polish

American Apparel NEON RED Nail Lacquer – £9

I picked up this AA Neon Red nail polish quite a long time ago and haven’t actually worn it as much as I thought I would. I was expecting bright neon but was a little disappointed as to me it looks more like a bright red, rather than a neon. Apparently it helps if you apply a base of nude polish underneath the neon, but I haven’t tried that yet. 

I think the AA nail polishes are good though and apply nicely with quite a long brush. I think the price is too high, but I wouldn’t expect any less from AA. 

What do you think of this colour?

Lily xx

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24 Responses

  1. Dollyfaces says:

    It’s a pretty colour x

  2. thats gorgeous, would be perfect for the summer xxx

  3. bambi legs says:

    i agree it isn’t very neon at all.. but a really nice colour that suits your skin tone nonetheless xx

  4. Karen Ussene says:

    I think the colour is really good 🙂

  5. Natalie says:

    i love how glossy it looks! Lovely shade also.

  6. This colour is gorgeous! So striking! I love AA nail polishes, they always have such a lovely finish xx

  7. Beth Bradley says:

    You’re really good at painting nails. Nothing annoys me more than seeing badly painted nails – that’s my OCD coming through haha!

  8. Tanya says:

    It’s such a lovely colour even though I won’t call it “NEON”. Looks great on also! x

  9. Some are a lot brighter than other in this range, purple and blue aren’t neon but nice colours nonetheless. I think the green, yellow and orange-y colours are the best in this range, and my mum recently discovered that they glow in UV light! Briliant for nights out!
    Bailey from besemtee xx

  10. I love the glossy finish to this nail varnish, but being labelled ‘neon’ you’d expect a brighter colour – it’s still lovely though and I’d definitely use it 🙂 ox

  11. Joana says:

    This colour is AMAZING

  12. I love the color, though I agree that it doesn’t look very neon. It’s very pretty though! xx

  13. Alina says:

    You’re right, the colour in the bottle looks more neon than on your nails! It’s still a lovely colour AND office appropriate! 🙂

  14. It looks more like a coral than a red! I love it!

  15. that is such a nice colour, I hate the over pricing at AA though

  16. Fashion Rage says:

    I love the neon green polish, but i agree with you on this, it’s a lovely bright red but definitely shouldn’t be considered as a ‘neon’ xx

  17. Sarah says:

    gorgeous colour, but definitely not neon!

    Sarah x

  18. blondeblair says:

    Ah, beautiful colour! Love it xx

  19. it’s a really pretty shade such a shame it isn’t actually neon though x

  20. Zara says:

    It’s a gorgeous colour, but agree that I’m unsure it’s worth the price tag!

  21. i wish i was nearer to AA store!

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