Shu Uemura: Style your own

Shu Uemura palette £10*
Blusher M561 £16*
Shadow P131 £11*
Shadow ME885 £11*

A couple of weeks ago I went along to the Shu Uemura shop in Covent Garden to have a play with some of their products. We spent the first half of the evening watching a makeup demonstration and the second half… ready for it… building our own palettes! 

We tested out their amazing cleansing oils, but the highlight of the night was discovering their ‘Style your Own’ palettes. The palettes are available as a single, duo or quad and you can fill it with either just shadows, just blushers or a mix of both. In my palette I have 1 blusher and 2 shadows and this kind of palette would cost you £48. It is expensive and it’s definitely at the higher end of makeup, but it does show in the quality. The blusher is really pigmented and you only need a tiny amount and the shadow colours are gorgeous. There were so many amazing shadows, some with really interesting undertone colours – I’d definitely recommend checking them out. 

These are really good if you want to make yourself the perfect on the go palette or if you want to give it as a gift. They’ll be on counters from September so keep an eye out! 

Have you ever tried Shu Uemura makeup? Would you like a ‘build your own’ palette like this? 

Lily xx

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  1. Samantha. says:

    Ahh looks amazing! Great idea xx
    Samantha’s Secret

  2. Helen says:

    What a great idea – I would love to build my own perfect palette but the price is a bit off putting – like you say it’s a bit expensive! But if the quality is that good then maybe it’s worth it. I may have to beg the more affluent family members nearer to my birthday…

    Helen xxx

  3. Emily says:

    I love these create your own palette ideas but they are all so expensive! A cheap but good quality brand needs to use the same idea!!

  4. always great when you can pick the pallette, i find there’s usually one colour i’m not so keen on. you look gorgeous in that photo 🙂

  5. Epiphannie A says:

    This look AMAZING!!!

    A bit expensive but if you’re paying for the quality and easy of use then it really must be worth the price (I hope)

    Epiphannie A: Beauty by a Disneyvore

  6. Kirsty-Anne says:

    These are too pretty!

    Currently giving away St. Tropez & OPI goodies

    Kirsty-Anne x

  7. This looks amazing! I would deffinately try if I had the money to blow.

  8. Angelica says:

    The idea of building your own palette is really fun. I will definitely pop in to the store when I’m at Covent gardens. x

  9. This looks way too much fun! I’ve never tried their makeup, but it seems a bit expensive for a student 🙁

  10. I really like Shu Uemura products but I don’t own any at the moment. These mix and match palettes look fantastic though!

  11. Jen27 says:

    Nice! I went to a Shu event a couple of months ago and had a great time. Like you, we first watched a makeup application demo then got to play with the makeup ourselves a bit! I didn’t come home with any of their makeup, but purchased and am loving their cleanisng oil, blush brush, and UV Underbase primer. I’m a total sucker for palettes in general, though, so I’d love to customize my own at some point 🙂


  12. Kiah Askew says:

    I love the idea of building your own palette, and the colours look gorgeous! 😀


  13. Laura Valuta says:

    Oh, i could die for this opportunity! Love shu uemura lashes. Looked at them few times in Milan… but never got a courage to buy them!
    But this kind palette is awesome! the most important things in one place!

    Hugs from Makeup Artist in Latvija

  14. I have only tried the lash curler but non of the make up stuff even though I’d love to 🙂 That blusher looks absolutely stunning!! How were you even able to choose from all these gorgeous shades!!? I would have gone nuts 🙂 xxx

  15. Ava Tallulah says:

    I love Shu Uemura make up. I also love their brushes.

    Ava Tallulah

  16. Sweet.Kicks says:

    I really love Shu Uemura make-up

  17. Josefína says:

    it looks amazing;)=) and I believe the quality and pigmantation is amazing, but I hardly could afford the half price of it…;)=) maybe one day I will;)=)

  18. Lacey says:

    Ooo. I love this. I looks AMAZING 🙂


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