August Favourites

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Burberry Sheer Summer Glow Palette* 
What a beautiful highlighting palette this is. It consists of 4 colours, 2 for bronzing and 2 for highlighting, which means its a real multi-pupose product. The quality is amazing and I’ve really enjoyed using it. 

Dior Amber Diamond Highlighter 
I caved and finally bought this after hearing so many great things about it. This highlighter is much more shimmery than the Burberry with 4 colours, ranging from a white, to champagne to a more orangey bronze. 

Origins Plantscription Concealer* 
This is everything I could ask for in a concealer, it’s moisturising, the perfect colour match and lasts really well on my skin. It reminds me of the Collection 2000 concealer but without the cakey look that it sometimes gives me. This is good for people with dry skin. 

Origins Plantscription Foundation*
I’m going to make a pretty bold statement here… I think this is my favourite foundation I’ve tried. WOAH! I’m pretty fickle, so that doesn’t actually mean much, I’ll probably find a new one soon, ha. But seriously, I love this foundation. It’s quite sheer depending on how you apply it and it’s very moisturising, I also find it lasts all day on my skin. I’m really impressed by this and have loved using it. 

Origins GinZing Mascara* 
Another fabulous product from the new Origins makeup range, I swear I’ll stop raving about Origins soon. This mascara is supposed to lengthen and brighten but I also think it’s amazing for volume. The brush is massive and you hardly have to touch the lashes to get the volume and length. 

Real Techniques Stippling Brush (missing in photo)
I’ve fallen back in love with this brush after spending months using the buffing brush for foundation. I think this one works better for sheer foundations and tinted moisturisers. 

Origins Clear Improvement Mask*
This mask is pretty scary to use as it’s a thick, black and looks like tar. It’s the strangest thing because when it’s on I feel like it’s so refreshing and sort of zingy. I love how it feels and although it’s a bit tough to wash off, it leaves my skin feeling really good. 

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish & Lip Treatment
This is my favourite evening lip combo and works a treat on my dry lips. The lip polish is a lovely sugar scrub that tastes amazing and the lip treatment is the best lip balm I’ve tried with ridiculous lasting power. 

Illamasqua ‘Forgiveness’ Eye Shadow
I saw this eye shadow at an Illamasqua makeup masterclass that my mum and I attended, they used it on her and I fell in love with it. It a purple, plum, brown (I couldn’t pick which colour) and works really well in the crease and under the lower lash line. It really suits my skin tone and hair colour so I’ve been using it a lot. 

So there are my monthly favourites! Do you like any of these too?

Lily xx

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  1. Dollyfaces says:

    I really want Dior amber diamond and to try the origins mask. I love all the real techniques brushes but rarely use the stippling brush as I always reach for the buffing brush!. Maybe I’ll have to use it more often :) x

  2. Nice video, really really really lusting about the Dior Amber Diamond Highlighter, eeek gotta get my hands on it soon, now following your blog, it’s amazing, you go girl! xxx

  3. Celene says:

    that burberry summer glow palettes lovely :) i have something like it from Collection :) xo

  4. Rosa Banana says:

    Love the video!
    Haha I posted my august favorites at the same time as you)

  5. I’m in love with some of the real techniques brushes!


  6. Jen27 says:

    Great video! I’ve seen you mention the new Origins foundation a few times now and I’m totally intrigued by it! Do you think it would be suitable for combination/oily skin? Maybe in wintertime? The Illamasqua eye shadow looks lovely too! Somewhat similar to MAC Twinks, which is one of my favourites :)


  7. did u know that the Boots baby department sells MASSIVE cotton pads, its the size of abotu 3 of the ones you showed. One does my whole face! brilliant! xxx

  8. Applebypie says:

    Origins sounds great…must check that out!

  9. jeney says:

    I’ve used many of origins skincare products but haven’t really used their makeup (other than eyeshadow). I might have to try some soon!

  10. - B says:

    I love dior amber diamond !
    Need to try that Origins mask!

  11. Lola says:

    Oooh the origins mask sounds LOVERLY! I always tend to stick to the same sort of skin care routine and hardly ever change products but I’m a little more flexible with face masks! x

  12. Leanne says:

    I might have to cave and splurge on the Dior highlighter, i had a look at it in store the other day and it looks amazing! Lovely video. :) x


  13. Dee Lynes says:

    juat need some shoes to seal the deal

  14. Sue Lin says:

    Can’t blame you for raving about Origins since I love every one of their products I have tried thus far. The clear improvement mask is really good for acne prone skin and I love their GinZing eye cream to bits.

  15. Great post, Lily! Enjoyed watching your video!! Loved the Burberry powder.


  16. Natalie says:

    i love your vidoes. eeee :)


  17. Chyou Ma says:

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