Week #30

 John Lewis  |  Summer dress  |  Zara necklace
 OOTD  |  Ojon oil  |  White shorts
 Topshop lip gloss set  |  Topshop A/W collection  |  Steam Cream xmas edition
Summer saviour  |  John Chapman body painted  |  Kate airbrushed  
 Diptyque  |  Random apron in the post  |  LOOK Cool Brittania
 Liberty xmas press day  |  Hibiscus yumminess  |  Waiting for the torch
 The torch!  |  Olympic feast  |  Video editing
Pebbles as a dog name?!  |  BBQ!  |  Homemade ribs

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  1. Hola Bambi says:

    LOve the necklace! And the olympic feast looks yummmy xx

  2. sarahxo says:

    jealous you got to see the torch! I would have loved to have seen it but i was in work when it came near where i live 🙁
    all your outfits are gorgeous! 🙂 <3


  3. ichbinclamp says:

    I came across your blog the other day, and I thought I’d just mention how amazing I think it is. So interesting to read, and you seem like such a nice person! So thankyou!

  4. Jen27 says:

    Great photos! Especially love the dress and the necklace in the top row 🙂



  5. Deonne says:

    The topshop a/w collection looks really nice! Shame we start talking about a/w when our summer has only just begun… although its starting to look like it may actually be over now haha!

    Love the clothes too 🙂

    Deonne – My Blog

  6. Megan says:

    wow those ribs look amazing xx

    A Scholar Life

  7. Sophie says:

    The Topshop A/W collection looks amazing! The glitter polish!!! I need it. Looks like you had a good week! xxx

  8. Alice says:

    I really love the first OOTD and I’m so excited for the Topshop make up to be in stores! xx

  9. Elianna says:

    what’s the hibiscus from starbucks?

  10. Topshop A/W collection love!

  11. Lola says:

    So many things I love here! The summer dress from the top pic, the food, the torch relay and is it wrong that I am excited about xmas already?! xx

  12. A/W already! I guess we have the weather for it.

  13. daniella-r says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. daniella-r says:

    I really like the Topshop A/W Collection! Looks like you had a great week 🙂
    Daniella x


  15. Connie. says:

    I’m in the process of moving to London at the minute and these weekly posts always get me so excited – I love that there always seems to be so much on in the city. Cx

  16. moonpiglet says:

    Lovely photos, I neeeeed the Zara necklace lol : )


  17. Charlotte says:

    Lovely photos! X

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