DIY: Lip Balm Palette

I have a problem with throwing away nice packaging and this empty Bobbi Brown Concealer palette had been sitting in my room for months. I randomly one day decided I wanted to find away to reuse it… and then the lip balm palette was born! 

This really isn’t ground breaking and VERY easy to do, but I was quite pleased with myself so I thought I’d show you how I did it. 

Step 1: Clean out the palette using a cotton wool bud and some water or makeup remover. 

Step 2: Take a little spoon a scoop a bit of your favourite lip balm out of it’s pot and place into the empty palette.

Step 3: Use the back of the spoon to smooth down the lip balm and fill out the pan, kinda like when you smooth icing onto a cake! 

Step 4: Once you’ve filled the space with the lip balm, tidy up the edges using a cotton wool bud and then place the palette in the fridge (with the lid slightly open) so the lip balm can set a bit. 

Step 5: Remove from fridge after about 30 minutes (or whenever you remember) and you’re done! Your two favourite lip balms are ready for your handbag. 

You may think, is there really much difference than just taking two lip balms in your bag, but there is to me because I like this packaging better than a big pot… and there’s a mirror! 

So there’s my mini DIY lip balm palette.. what do you think? Will you be trying it? 

Lily xx

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  1. heather says:

    very good idea, love that wee palette!

  2. Lauren Rose says:

    This is one of those simple ideas that I would never have thought of! Love it x

  3. bangonstyle says:

    Great idea to reuse nice packaging. Love it x

  4. Very creative, looks v useful

  5. Jordan says:

    Wow what a great idea lily! It’s a lot less wasteful and also you have two more empty pots to use! 🙂 x

  6. Hola Bambi says:

    Really good idea 🙂 x

  7. Love this!! Looks so cute xx

  8. Laura says:

    This is a fantastic idea! Love it 😀

    Laura x ~

  9. Ooh I love this idea, I’ve done something similar with an old contact lens case 🙂

  10. Jen27 says:

    What a handy idea! I agree that it just makes the packaging more sleek for your purse- and the mirror is a nice touch!

    And the Korres Pomegranate is one of my favourites too 🙂

  11. Celene says:

    that is such an amazing idea and so simple!v xo

  12. daniella-r says:

    I love this1 Such a good idea! Definitely going to be doing it when something of mine (in nice packaging) runs out
    Daniella x

  13. jeney says:

    Such a great way to reuse the packaging! I like it.

  14. Wonderful tips. Your post contributes a lot in beauty & fashion field.

  15. Daria says:

    This is a very nice idea 🙂 I have an empty Clinique palette too, might try this! x

  16. Allie says:

    Oooh, love this! Brilliant idea! Have you had any problems with it melting? Will have to try one myself!

  17. This is a really cute idea Lily! xx

  18. sweet idea and I really agree that it’s pretty much heartbreaking to let go of a good bit of packaging ! :p

  19. Jen says:

    When I watched your empties video I thought you could use it for lipbalms. Great minds think alike! I really want to try that Soap & Glory one, it’s meant to smell amazing xx

  20. Jen says:

    genius! i love the bobbi brown concealer packaging too. i might do this to a drugstore lipstick.

  21. lynnnsey ♥ says:

    looks good in the second photo, almost like something I could eat! haha 🙂 x

  22. This is a great idea because as you keep the palette in your handbag, you can have the bigger pots on your bedstand or in your bathroom! Very handy!!

  23. amazing idea! Love it.

  24. Em Ruddell says:

    That is such a good idea Lilly! I hate throwing away pretty packaging aswell, i think i have a little problem! but this is such a great solution

  25. RLHavard says:

    This is an awesome idea! love it 😀

  26. alicebea says:

    will definatly be doing this when i finish my bobbi brown concealer set!!

  27. Elodie says:

    What a great idea! Another reason for me to get the BB concealer then!

    -Elodie x

  28. Great idea, I will be stealing this! Thanks for sharing x

  29. this can also work with contact lens cases! xx

  30. WonderfulYou says:

    Awh what a great idea Lily! you beauty genius, you 🙂

  31. Tabitha says:

    A great idea! And I agree, sometimes you just can’t chuck packaging away…this palette is definitely one of those x

  32. Miss Sultana says:

    i’ll def try this out. i’m a sucker for adorable packaging as well! haha, cute blog girl 🙂

  33. Charlotte says:

    Oh such a good idea, I hate chucking nice packaging away! X

  34. Hana Haa says:

    I beg to differ, I think it IS groundbreaking! LOL I would’ve just chucked away the empty packaging and been done with it. Great idea, thanks for sharing 🙂

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