My Essie Nail Polish Collection

I’m sure you all know by now that I am obsessed with Essie and it’s been my favourite nail polish brand since day 1. I’ve somehow built up a collection of 15, so I thought it was about time I share them with you. 
Welcome to my Essie collection, I hope you enjoy! If you have any colour recommendations please let me know! 
Lily xx

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  • Natalie

    Such gorgeous colours! I’m still an essie virgin and desperate to try it!!
    N xoxo

  • thefactsofwife

    Thanks for this video may try a few of the colours you mentioned- just voted for you too! x

  • heather

    i’m so jealous of your collection, wish i could afford them all! what top coat do you use?

  • Tash

    Love your Essie nail varnishes i really want to buy cute as a button now!!


  • Naghmeh

    oh no. loved the video but my wallet will not be happy. I’m already Essie obsessed and this video is not helping! haha. you have a gorgeous collection though :)

  • Sara

    Lovely collection doll:) Im about do an updated Essie collection post because like you Im Essie obsessed xx

  • Emily

    Love lilacism and sand tropez!

  • Merengue

    Essie’s LadyLike is really pretty! you should check it out ;)

  • alice-lily

    I really want to try essie out!! x

  • Zoe

    Im not too keen on the Essie formula but all those colours are so pretty!x


    so jealous of your collection!

  • Naarii Naarii

    Such a great video! Nice to see actual swatches of the shades as sometimes it’s hard to tell in just the bottle.

  • The Style Box

    I’ve never even seen Essie polish in the shops but I see it on bloggers all the time so it must be pretty good. You’ve got a great collection. I love the blue you’re wearing in the video :)


    I love all those colors!!!! Great wearable colors.

  • MissJammyxo

    They are all gorgeous<3 I am so jealous! I really want to try some Essie products, if only they were cheaper..
    If you have a sec, stop by my blog?? :)

  • jeney

    I have about 10. Out of the ones you have they are lapis of luxury, lilicaism, and borrowed and blue. I find that essie has really cute colors (and i love the bottle!) but the formula just isn’t as good as many of my other polishes :/

  • Lizee Barry

    I have massive envy of your collection! I really want to splash out on a few more for mine but just can’t bring myself to pay so much for more than one.. xx

  • Sadie

    You have some really pretty colours in your collection. I just bought my first 3 essie polishes and I can’t wait to try them :) xx

  • Celene

    you have so many, i love all the colours, i wish i had some! xo

  • Amy

    I still have yet to try Essie which is MADNESS! Need to jump on the bandwagon :0 x

  • Char_08

    I do love the colours but cant get on with the brush – I find it too big, I tend to stick to OPI xx

  • Maisie

    I only have one, but know already they will be one of my favourite nail polish brands, i especially love the brushes!xx

  • AnnabelRose

    My favorite Essie polish is Fiji – an off white. As dull as it sounds, I never get bored of wearing it. :) x

  • Jodie-Winyan

    just watched the video, im so jealous of your collection! :) xx

  • Makeuplover Confessions

    Loved this video! I currently only have one essie nail varnish- island hopping which I love! I really want to pick up the new fiji from the diffusion line & mint candy apple! :) xxx

  • Laura

    Oh I want! x

  • Lorna Patrick

    i’m so jealous! i know how easy it is to get into buying tonnes of shades though!

  • daniella-r

    I love Essie! My favourite by far has to be Mint Candy Apple, I’m wearing it at the moment. Would love to try some of these though, I might have to invest in the Lilacism it looks lovely!
    Daniella x

  • Cait

    Look at all those pretty colours! Love Essie polishes :)

  • Louise

    Essie is by far my favorite nail polish brand! Their colors are gorgeous, they are long wearing & they are affordable (at least here in the US)!

    xx Louise
    A Little Beauty Luxury

  • gabrielle sergeant

    Ballet slippers is stunning! Beautiful creamy milky colour :-)

  • Hayley

    Totally drooling over your Essie collection!! Lol

    Hayley xo

  • Rozi

    I absolutely love nail varnish but am yet to try Essie polishes. I’m definitely going to pick some up next time I’m in Superdrug!


  • Tiffany

    impressive collection!! I love Essie. & btw you have a great blog!

  • BittenGlam

    I started watching your video and I thought to myself, “Oh! I wonder how many Essie polishes I have!” Turns out I have fifteen of them as well! I almost picked up number 16 tonight. Too bad I resisted. Lovely collection though!

    A Bite of Glamour

  • Ella

    I have one Essie polish, it’s ok but applies like paint and dries totally matte, which I hate. The colour’s not so me, I think it’s called Bermuda Shorts, it’s a gorgeous pink/purple but it is a bit too dark for my taste. It is gorgeous though, I would recommend it for a/w if you are a girl who likes rich colours in the cooler months :-)

  • Ella

    Also trying really hard to resist Mint Candy Apple, but it’s beckoning to me…

  • Lauren

    Some fab colours! I’d love to see them on you!


  • Hannah

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