GHD Black Gloss IV Styler

I’ve always been a GHD fan. I bought my first pair when I was around 18… before then straight hair was not an option. I’ve always owned the maxi stylers because my hair is so thick it just makes the whole process much quicker. The only problem with the maxi straighteners is that they’re not great for getting to the root or right underneath the hair. I’ve also found recently that my hair catches on them and can sometimes cause hair breakage. 

These Black Gloss IV Stylers are so smart and sleek. They are the perfect size and make it really easy to get to the roots and the parts of the hair that are harder to reach. They heat up in only 15 seconds (I counted!) which is so super quick and they get really hot, but not too hot that they’ll really damage your hair. The one difference I found with these compared to the maxi stylers is that they’re rounded which means they don’t sit on a table without falling to the side. This is quite annoying when you have a fear of burning down your house, BUT the new sleep mode makes up for it. 

I’d always recommend GHD as the best hair straighteners as they’re such great quality and last really well throughout the years (mine are still going!). 

They are available from the GHD website with free delivery. 

Are you a GHD kinda girl? If so, which ones do you have? 

Lily xx

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  1. Kat says:

    i should really invest in one of these xx

  2. Just Dee says:

    My GHD’s have started breaking my hair so I think I need a new pair. My gym has cloud nine ones and I think I might defect to those after 6 years GHD love!

  3. I’ve had GHDs since I was 16 and would recommend them to everyone! May just have to try out these new ones! x

  4. Sheps says:

    I got a new pair for my birthday this year after my old GHD’s started to show signs of wear and tear after 6 years of abuse! I love GHD’s and i’ll never try anything else! I’ve had one pair of random brand straighteners that literally ripped my hair out. Not cool. GHD’s for the win.

  5. I have had my GHD’s for 7 years now, and they still haven’t failed me! I am aiming on getting some new ones at Christmas though now! 🙂


  6. Hola Bambi says:

    Can’t live without GHD’s <3

  7. Jordan says:

    Ooo those look proper snazzy! My ghds came with a bit of material that you put the straightener on when it’s hot so then my house doesn’t burn down! I love ghds, I’m dying to get the peacock ones! 🙂 x

  8. Emily says:

    I’ve had my GHD’s for about 2 years now and wonder how I ever lived without them. At one point they kept beeping all the time, but I sent them back to GHD and they sent me a brand new pair! Amazing! xx

  9. Catherine says:

    I love my GHDs! All the new styles they keep bringing out are tempting me to get some new ones!

  10. Veronica says:

    I Just started following your blog-LOVE IT 😀

    xx Veronica

  11. Rachel says:

    Love the glossy version. Haven’t used my ghd’s in ages!! Xx

  12. loveriots says:

    I don’t have GHD’s – sometimes i feel like the only girl in the world who doesn’t but i have fine hair so i find anyt straightners do the job as my hair is naturally pretty straight too! but if i was to invest these new ones would be the ones!

  13. Maisie says:

    I totally agree about the maxi stylers, i have both these, except in a different colour!xx

  14. Jessica* says:

    I love mine, I have the pink ones for breast cancer they are years old now but they still work fine and I’d buy GHD again above any other brand – I am usually reaching for the curlers though as my hair is sooooo flat and boring!!! xx

  15. I’ve found that the maxi-stylers are the best way to go, but yes, I hate how my hair gets stuck in the sides! At the moment I’ve got a maxi and a thin Remington straightener, because they suit my budget, however I’ll definitely be investing in a GHD asap!

  16. Supersnoo says:

    I love what GHD’s do to my hair but have found they dont last very long never had a pair that lasted more then 18 months. Maybe I use them to much!!!

  17. Amy says:

    I’ve had the same pair of GHDs since I was 14! haha retro! They are still going strong x

  18. hannahbear says:

    I’ve had the same GHDs for ages! Thanks for opening my eyes to those ones. xx

  19. need to get a new pair before i go to uni. ghd’s were my first straighteners, and i’ve actually only ever had the one pair. my mum has basically stolen mine now since i’ve been trying to stay away from the heat but i’ll need some more before I go away. these look great..

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