My Inglot Palette

Inglot Freedom Palette £28.50

First of all, apologies for taking photos of a used product. I got so into making this video that I forgot to take photos before swatching. 

I’ve always been intrigued by Inglot and on the weekend I made it my mission to go into the store and build myself a palette. I wanted to make myself the perfect palette for me, filled with all the colours I need in one place. I purchased mine in-store at Westfield, London but Inglot can also be bought online

I made a video talking all about my experience in store and showing my palette with swatches, so please watch and I hope you enjoy it! Click on the video to watch it on YouTube and see all the names of the shadows in the info bar below the video. 

Lily xx

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  • Angelica

    Lovely shades, I will create mine over summer. x

  • charlienin

    Hey, where do you buy Inglot in the UK? I’ve only ever bought it in Poland absolutely years ago and forgot all about how awesome it is until this post!

  • Annick

    I so very much wish I could purchase Inglot online. It seems like such a good system and great quality of shadows. Perhaps there would be a Smoke & Diamonds dupe in there huh?

  • mulberry please

    Love your choice of shadows..
    I do the same thing.. I get all excited about a new product and then forget to photograph it!! What are we like!!

  • Emma – daydream believer

    Beautiful colours!! Looks like my dream palette :) I wish we had an Inglot’s here in New Zealand!

    Emma xx

  • Elysa

    lovely im going to inglot this weekend and i might build a new pallet to take with me on holaday

  • Basia

    Inglot is one of the best Polish cosmetics brands! Kisses from Poland!

  • Emily

    Lovely choice of colours! xx

  • Yvet

    so funny to have a huge inglot here in a little town in Holland and in the uk only in London!

    I love this brand tho! their nailpolishes are really pretty and I love their lipsticks.

    The brand reminds me of mac a lot! but much cheaper xx

  • es-jay

    Lovely video and great choices on the colours! The only place I’ve known Inglot to be sold in the uk is Westfield shopping centre in london where I made my pallett a couple of years back! still going strong and still loving it! – for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts


  • Elysa

    there is 2 stores in Aberdeen which is in Scotland and there is 2 in Ireland as well

  • Supersnoo

    I have heard a lot about Inglot palette’s recently but never tried them out. Have heard some people prefer to Mac – how do you think they compare

  • emma-victoria

    really want to check this place out!

    love, E

  • Vicky

    I haven’t been following you for very long, but I’ve taken the time to watch your videos and read your posts tonight and I love them! You talk so easily on your videos. You’ve made me want to play with eye shadows a lot more from this and this palette looks so nice! You have a new fan :) ha x

  • Naomi Creighton

    I love the colours in your palette! xo

  • aponystale

    This palette looks amazing. I´m thinking about investing in either one of these or sonicare face brush. What to do?? ;)

  • MrAJBx3

    I keep meaning to order from Inglot but i always forget gahh! awesome post and video xx

  • ButterflEyes

    Great post ! The video was really helpful :) xx

  • pinkiglam

    I don’t have a inglot product.
    it look amazing

  • Ying

    i love INGLOT palettes because they are affordable and all their products are such great quality. Their eyeshadows are so silky to touch and really pigmented. Thumbs up to them for their products and i wished that i discovered their make-up palettes sooner, so i didnt have to spend a fortune building up my M.A.C palettes!
    Thanks for sharing~x

  • Beauty on a Blog

    Planning a trip to Inglot very soon, the shadows look very pigmented and the prices are great!


  • April, Everyday Forgotten

    I think you just pursuaded me to buy one of these haha! I love the way you can make your own pallets up – and they have so many shades to choose from too (and the price is just a bonus).

  • Emma Kershaw

    I really want an Inglot palette! The colours you chose look amazing! I bet choosing just five colours takes ages, I’d be in a right dilemma lol xx

  • Kenderasia

    I think that Inglot eyeshadows are the best ones out there, a lot better than Mac ones. Nice palette :)