Inside my bathroom

I love watching these kind of videos because I’m so nosey, so I thought I’d film one myself. It didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it to but I thought I’d put it up anyway because I didn’t have time to re-film it and I thought you’d all want to see it. 

So here you go… welcome to my bathroom! 

Lily xx

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  • Annabel

    I was so shocked when you opened up the cabinet in the video, it’s so TIDY! I wish I was half as organised ;)


    great video! xo

  • Katie Loves.

    Wish I had all the Origins products!

  • Samanthas Secret

    I’m looking for a cabinet just like that for my new house at the moment to stock all my bathroom lovelies in !! xx
    Samantha’s Secret

  • Tori

    your hair looks so nice in this video :)!

  • Nicola

    Can’t wait to watch the video, im nosy ;)

  • sofia

    Pls can you do a london guide! I have aallready asked you but I am soo going there and would love some good shopping and food while I am there!!

  • Lola

    your bathroom has a very zen-like feeling to it, lvoe the video! x

  • angie

    I’m very nosey too so love these videos! Will be watching this after I finish work yay!

  • Raffles Bizarre

    Great video Lily, gorgeous bathroom and loads of products for me to check out.

  • Hafsa

    I love your bathroom and I’m nosey too so these videos are just perfect! The Antipodes face wash is one of the best I’ve ever used and it smells like apples and grapes and it’s worked quite well for me.