By Terry Aqualip Jelly Tint

By Terry Aqualip Jelly Tint No.101 Dancefloor – £22*

This product MAJORLY excites me. It’s a new addition to the By Terry range and it’s the Aqualip Jelly Tint. The first time I tried this was in store at the Space NK event and it didn’t come off the back of my hand for 2 days. I’ve since given it the proper lip test. I applied it at 7am before work and it lasted until around 4pm, which I think is amazing!

In the tube it looks like a fluorescent orange but it applies as a gorgeous ‘Blood Peach’. I absolutely love the applicator; it’s longer than most and you can use all the sides which makes it really easy to apply. It feels so light and fresh on the lips, almost like water. When I first tried it I was worried it would just slip right off, but it quickly sinks into the lips and then doesn’t budge all day. These kind of long lasting products are so useful for work, it’s already one of my all time favourite lip products. 

I love the sheer, splash of watercolour effect that it gives. It will be available in May from Space NK and hopefully in the future there will be more shades as I’d love to pick up another one! 

What do you think of this lip tint? Is the longevity of a lip product important to you? 

Lily xx

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  • Becky

    I can find lip tints quite drying after a bad experience with a Revlon one but I have heard good things about this being anything but drying. Although the immense staying power of this frightens we a tad :-) but it looks gorgeous all the same. I have yet to try By Terry products so might have to try some soon the only thing that puts me off is the price for what is effectively a fancy lipgloss hmmm decisions :-)

    Beckys Makeup

  • es-jay

    Anything by By Terry and you know it’s just going to be amazing! The packaging, the formula, the scents and colours. This looks so beautiful I can’t wait to try this out and love your description of the colour! ‘Blood Peach’ sounds delish – for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts


  • Florence

    When I’m getting ready for work I always consider how long lip products will last as I hate having to reapply constantly. This sounds fab and it’s actually a bit cheaper than I expected it to be x

  • Rebekah Wing.

    the jelly tint looks so nice :) love the whole design.

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  • ButterflEyes

    This product sounds amazing, especially the longlasting effect ! xx

  • Hev

    Wow this looks so good. It reminds me a bit of a lava lamp, with the different swirls of colour! xx

  • Gem

    Looks good enough to eat! Really intrigued by the water texture as I can’t stand anything sticky on my lips.

  • dnalbnire

    GORGEOUS colour, love it!
    I like the fact that it is so long lasting, I would definitely try this :)

  • Emily

    This looks amazing! I love products which are long-lasting, having to top up during the day is such a nuisance. xx

  • Abby

    It sounds awesome if it lasted that long on you! I always find them to last a few hours on the lips – very disappointing! Might have to check this out properly :) xx

  • Alex

    I NEED this lip tint!!! I think the colour is just perfect. X

  • all about the girl

    WOW I really want these, sounds amazing! xx

  • Vilde

    Sounds amazing, but I would love to see a picture of you wearing it too! xx

  • Confessions of a makeuplover

    sounds great! I haven’t tried any by terry products but they all sound amazing xxx

  • chlo witty

    the fact it’s called a jelly tint makes me tempted to pick this up!

    chlo @chlowitty blogs

  • Charlotte

    This sounds amazing! X

  • Ami

    I love the sound of this! I’ve been searching for something that will last all day as I hate having to reapply make-up when I’m out!

  • Ami

    Embarrassing when you get the link to your blog wrong

  • JadeyLou

    Oooh this looks like the Beaute stains I have had my eye on for aaaggges! I think they are the same price but SpaceNK is way more accessible for me… Definitely will be having a gander x

  • beautylover22

    I have heard a lot about the by terry concealer !! have you tried it ?

  • Helen’s Beauty Hut

    I love the color! Haven’t tried any of them yet but would love to!