The Stylfile

S-File £4.49*, S-Buffer £4.99*, Emergency file £4.49*

 I don’t think I ever thought I’d review a beauty product by inventor Tom from the Apprentice… but here I am! I actually loved Tom on the Apprentice last year!

So the story is he came up with the idea for the Stylfile when he was watching his sister do her nails using a classic shaped nail file and noticed how awkward it looked. I personally do not file my nails… partly because I’m lazy and I bite them, partly because I’m not very good at it. The Stylfile is curved making it easier to use and much more comfortable to hold. 

He’s created 3 types; the S-File which is the classic 2 step nail file, the S-Buffer which has 4 steps for filing and buffing and the Emergency file which is small enough to keep in your handbag and comes with a protector to avoid scratching anything in your bag. 

For someone like me who’s rubbish with nail files, I’ve found this really great to use. It’s definitely made things easier and it looks great too! Well done Tom, I’m impressed!

These will be available from Boots at the beginning of May, but if you can’t wait Sainsbury’s already stock them!

What do you think of Tom’s nail files? Good idea or a gimmick?

Lily xx

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  • Summer

    I loved Tom last year too, So I think I’ll have to get one because of that – They’re such a good idea.
    I wanted Jim to win it though!

  • Hannah

    Ooh, I love The Apprentice! I’ve been meaning to have a look at his nail files, so it’s good to hear they are actually easier to use than a standard one. I think I’ll pick up the buffing one next time I’m in Sainsbury’s x

  • Annie.n

    I think it’s a great idea and will definitely be purchasing the smaller one with the protector! xoxo

  • Melissa

    they look great, i might pop over to sainburys right now, thanksss :)
    oh + because of you i also went on a wild shopping spree in boots, haha ;)
    lots of love,
    mel xo <3

  • Naomi Creighton

    I actually really like the idea of these! The protector’s a good idea too xo

  • kavita

    his face on the packeging is a bit off puting lol

  • EilidhPie

    That’s such a good idea to have a bag protector! Xo

  • C.A.R.

    This is so cool!

  • Katt Snelson

    These look pretty good! I like the protector for the keyring version! :’) I loved Tom on the Apprentice as well, he was so adorable!
    Katt xo

  • Angelica

    They have such a interesting shape. Same here I don’t file my nails as a) bite my nails, b)I hate the noise that file makes against my nail. x

  • Emily

    I think its a good idea but I personally wouldn’t pay upwards of £2 for a nailfile considering you can get emery boards for pennies! Also, I’m not too keen Tom’s face being on the packaging! xx

  • Beth

    ooh these sound good
    I love The Apprentice!xx

  • Farzana

    Wow, I would never have guessed Tom from The Apprentice to be behind something like these! Impressive. :)

  • Florence

    These really intrigue me, I might give them a try, but for me they’re quite a lot for one nail file! x

  • Katie

    i was really sceptical about these, but I might give them a go if they are worth it

  • Charlotte

    I really enjoyed Tom on The Apprentice so I think I’ll have to give these a go! X

  • Melissa

    mel xo <3

  • Kerry

    I was given a nail file exactly the same as these except one side is a file and the other a buffer, about two years ago now. Maybe Tom has told some porky pies about thier origin?..
    Anyway they are really fantastic and easy to use if your not very good at shaping nails or bite them!

  • Gemma Meredith

    This is actually a really great idea! They aren’t too badly priced either, may actually give these a go :)

  • Loren.

    What a great idea! I’d love to try them.

  • Daisy

    I was wondering what Tom was doing as his new business venture! Really interested to see if they actually work x

  • ♥mldvs

    These look fab! Such a good idea xx

  • wonderfulyou

    Love the protector! may have to give them a go even if it is just because I loved him on apprentice :)