Meet the Travalo

If you haven’t yet heard of a Travalo then, well… where have you been?!? 
Travalo is the ‘lipstick sized perfume atomiser’ – which basically mean a really cool, little plastic bottle that you can easily fill with your favourite perfume to keep in your handbag. As much as I’d love to be one of those people who has a massive handbag full of their life including their big perfume bottles, it’s just not realistic. My bag is already too heavy and taking my perfume with me to work would just make it heavier. The Travalo is amazing; it stores 65 sprays of perfume and is easily refillable. At the bottom of the Travalo is a little hole and you just need to pump this onto your perfume to fill it up – easy peasy! 
This one I have is part of the new ‘teens’ range with pretty little designs on, and they’ll be available online later on this month. They’re only £7.99 and will last forever… well unless you loose it… it IS pretty small. 
So what do you think? Best beauty accessory ever, right?! 
Lily xx
Disclaimer: This was sent to me as a PR sample. As always, my opinions are honest. Links in black italics. 

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  • london loves

    Yes totally! I got one from my friend for christmas and I am not only using it for travelling but I keep it in my handbag everyday! Best accessory ever.

    London Last Night

  • Dollyfaces

    I got one for Christmas I love it! x

  • es-jay

    This is such an amazing idea, Great concept. I remember selling these by the dozen when I used to work at the perfume shop but never picked one up for myself :(

    xoxox – for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts :D

  • Raffles Bizarre

    That is so handy! I have a couple of Marc Jacobs rollerball tubes of perfume which are so super handy for taking out but I always wish I could transport my other perfumes. This is perfect!

  • pinkyliciousvita

    i have one so handy but they are not reusable are they?

  • bea

    I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before. Best idea ever!

  • Jazz

    I need one of these so bad!

    Jazz xo

  • Becca

    i need one!

  • Live.Laugh.Smile

    I need to get myself one of these! – my beauty blog, I’m new to the whole blogging thing but please follow me as I post very often! :)

  • Hev

    Such a great idea, would be especially good for travelling as I hate taking my perfume away with me because I always worry it’s gonna get smashed in my case!
    Great post, will definitely be looking out for one of these!

    Hev x

  • Sarah

    This is such a great product, I often want to top up my perfume during the day but don’t want to carry the bottles around. May have to buy this!

  • ♥mldvs

    This is such an amazing idea! It looks wonderful xx

  • FitznBitz

    Have a few of these. Best beautyish invention in a long time!! :)

  • missy_ellie_uk

    Just got myself one of these last week. Brilliant idea, but I’m finding myself using a lot more perfume as I’m actually remembering to respray during the day. Not necessarily a bad thing, I’m now super-fragrant!

  • Nabzz

    Oh my gosh, it seems like such a great idea!
    Definitely a handbag essential.

  • MrAJBx3

    i really want one of these they look awesome! <3
    and durable id end up smashing a perfume bottle haahah

  • Jessica*

    I want one of these, I think the concept is fab, I always have a heavy bottle of perfume weighing down my handbag – thanks for your review :o)

  • deepowers

    I want to have one of this so that I can easily refill my perfume.

    chloe love perfume

  • eula_w

    I will put this on my list to buy next month. Looks like a nice perfume to own. Thanks for this!

    pheromones attract women

  • Unknown

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