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  • 28th Mar 2012

Collar tips and Loafers

Shirt Zara £25.99, Shirt Primark £10, Shirt Primark £10, Shoes Topshop £30

If you follow me on Instagram (@lilypebbles) you would have seen most of these items last week. I’ve recently become obsessed with collar tips and lucky for me there seem to be a lot around at the moment! 

I picked up the Zara shirt when I was in Birmingham last week and really like it. Apparently you can get these kind of collar tips on ebay to accessorise your shirts – I haven’t look into it yet. I love the mint green colour of this one and the longer length at the back. The second shirt is from Primark and is a great one for wearing underneath sweaters because the collar is really sturdy and sits well. The third shirt, again from Primark is something a bit different and although the shirt itself doesn’t fit me well, this collar will easily bring some life to a dull outfit. 

The sun came out on the weekend and I suddenly realised all I had was black boots! Whilst we were in town I popped into Selfridges and tried on as many Summer shoes as I could. I really wanted Toms but my stupid half sized feet wouldn’t allow me. I ended up buying these scalloped edge loafers from Topshop. I really like them and so far they are comfortable! 

What do you think of my new purchases? 

Lily xx

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  1. Debbie says:

    Love your purchases! The collar trend is so popular now 🙂

  2. I love all those shirts! Such a shame my two nearest primarks never have any of the nice things in my size 🙁 xo

  3. Milly says:

    i love the collar tip trend at the moment, especially when worn under a jumper. I wish there was a primark nearer me, you have found some real gems. x

  4. LisaWils0n says:

    If you can bear it you could get some Toms in the next full size down from your half. They stretch really well and become sooo comfy. I bought mine online without having tried them on, and they were a bit tight at first but it only took a couple of wears for them to become super comfy. Plus there were no blisters or horrible really sore bits whilst they were a bit tight. x

  5. MakeupbyNix says:

    I love your purchases, I’m very jealous!

  6. bangonstyle says:

    I’m not sure I’m brave enough for tipped collars but loving contrast collars and pearled collars too!
    Great buys though x

  7. love the collar tips too
    where did u get urs from?

  8. rhiannonvic says:

    LOVE all your purchases, I really want so collar tips, they’re amazing! Also love your shoes! xx

  9. Megan says:

    I love collar tips! I just wish I had more collared shirts to wear them with. Lovely post xo

  10. Lizzie Romer says:

    I love ALL your purchases! Very jealous right now!

  11. JadeDanielle says:

    I adore collar tips, got a great tipped shirt from River Island! Great purchases there girl x


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  13. H, says:

    I adore the shirts, the collar tips are amazing!

  14. Florence says:

    The colour of the Zara shirt is gorgeous 🙂 !x


  15. Tee ♥ says:

    I am about to go on a primark hunt for those shirts! Those shoes are lovely too!
    Tia xx


  16. Laura. says:

    love the collar tips – it just adds that little something extra.

  17. I love all these shirts! I keep meaning to buy some collar tips and had found some gorgeous ones on Ebay but forgot to bid on them and they left meeee. 🙁


  18. dnalbnire says:

    Love those loafers, they will go with everything!! 🙂

  19. Charlotte says:

    Love all of those shirts! X

  20. I’ve been eyeing the collared tip from Zara for a bit now! Gah! Need it in my closet 😀

  21. Such pretty clothing, I absolutely love the collar details of the shirts and those nude patent loafers!

  22. Rebecca says:

    The loafers are my favourite purchase, what a gorgeous colour 🙂
    R xx

  23. These shirts are so cute, I am lusting over everything in Zara at the moment hence yesterdays post…allaboutthegirlblog.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/zara-appreciation-society.html

    Zara is just too full of goodies right now!

    allaboutthegirlblog.blogspot.com xx

  24. Amy says:

    Offt those loathers are absolutely gorgeous! Collar tips are such a cute trend, I think I should invest. Great to meet you at Caudalie, Lily, (I’m the girl who said I watched your vids ;)) great event!

    Amy x

  25. Melissa says:

    i <3 the collar tip trend at the mo-its so trendy!
    and gorgeous shoes! 😀
    quick question: who did your blog design?
    love you lily!
    mel xo <3

  26. Beth says:

    love all of your purchases. I’ve never seen that Primark shirt in the green, only in the pink. Its so pretty xx

  27. meg says:

    LOVE them !!! especially the primark blouse.. I have it in bright pink 😀


  28. Not been in Primark for a while but those shirts are loveley! Might have to pay it a visit 🙂 x

  29. angie says:

    Yay i’m so glad you went for the nude loafers, i love them! In fact…i might have to get myself a pair!

  30. emmerliejay says:

    Primark have got some awesome stuff at the moment! 🙂 love all of this x

  31. Kate says:

    I love these collar tips, i’m desperate for some!x

  32. Nikki says:

    I LOVE all your buys!! XX

  33. Loren. says:

    Cute! I’m in love with collar tips at the moment.

  34. Love this site as I need to keep up with the latest chic treds too..I’ve just written a piece about statement tights 😉


    Would you like to contribute to our globally growing site? We could look at exchanging links etc 🙂


  35. fox hunter says:

    this stuff is AWESOME! i really love the mint blouse and these collar tips, have ordered some a few days ago! LOVE IT! xxx

  36. Its very nice blog. The collection you have shown above is just awesome. The collar trend and stylish. Thanx for sharing.


  37. Anonymous says:


    Love your collar tips! They’re dainty. I just bought these Sass & Bide ones which are pretty rad too.

  38. Collar Tips says:

    love those collar tips you have there!
    you can get collar tips here too, http://collartips.miyoc.com/ x.

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