MAC Watch Me Simmer and Viva Glam Nicki

Let’s just call this month ‘impulsive February’. I seem to keep buying things that I would never normally buy and that I really don’t need! 

When I saw the ‘shop mac cook mac’ collection I was intrigued by the amazing packaging.  Nothing really caught my attention apart from the ‘watch me simmer’ lipstick and I couldn’t resist picking it up when Selfridges got the collection in early. Actually, I was planning on waiting until it comes out in the MAC stores but Zoe got it and made me cave. 

The second product is the Viva Glam ‘Nicki’ lipstick. I got this early with a code thanks to Emma and I’m not gonna lie the main reason I was sucked in was because of the early code. I don’t normally think bubblegum pinks suit me so this was definitely an impulse buy. 

LEFT: ‘watch me simmer’  RIGHT: ‘Nicki’

So here are the two lipsticks next to each other. Yes, I realise they look exactly the same in the bullet. The lighting isn’t great, but to be fair they DO look quite similar when you first look at them. 

‘Watch me simmer’ is an amplified creme lipstick and is a bright pink/coral. It definitely has a strong orange tone to it, but is known to show up differently on everyone. It’s really creamy and easy to apply, but I did find I needed to moisturise my lips a bit before using it. I prefer dabbing the lipstick with my finger making it more wearable. 

‘Nicki’ is part of the Viva Glam collection. ALL the proceeds from any Viva Glam products are given to the MAC Aids Fundwhich is really amazing! This lipstick was created by Nicki Minaj, someone I have absolutely no interest in. I definitely did not buy this because of her; she actually really annoys me. This is a satin lipstick and they are known to be very drying so it’s essential to really exfoliate and moisturise your lips before applying it. I’d describe it as a bubblegum pink that is also said to have yellow undertones which makes it easier for people with warm skin tones to wear. Again with this one, I prefer to wear it lighter and blot it with a tissue. 

Here is both of them together; ‘watch me simmer’ on the left and ‘Nicki’ on the right. Both lipsticks were £13.50 each (ridiculous). As far as I’m aware they will be available from Thursday 1st March in MAC stores and concessions. 

So what do you think? Will you be trying either of these lipsticks? 

Lily xx

Disclaimer: Both of these lipsticks were bought by me in moments of madness. 

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27 Responses

  1. Milly says:

    ah gorgeous photos. I really like the look of the Nicki Minaj lipstick – it really suits you Lily x

  2. Bea says:

    Love both to be honest. Leaning a little towards the watch me simmer though!

  3. Jackie says:

    I would definitely wear Nicki but the other color is too bright for my taste but it does look pretty!


  4. Watch me simmer is lovely x

  5. Hev says:

    Watch me simmer suits you so much! I’d definitely lean more towards that one, probably purely because I’m not really a “pink” person haha. It seems quite an unusual shade, not your average red lipstick.
    Both really suit you though! x

  6. Dragon Mommy says:

    Both are gorgeous. I really want Nicki.

    Holli x

  7. Nicola says:

    I love the colour of watch me shimmer. I think you really suit it!

  8. Phoebe says:

    I love the Nicki Minaj lipstick, I need to get my hands on it, the colour is so summery and pretty! x

  9. C.A.R. says:

    They look great!

  10. Sheps says:

    I’ve just ordered my Nicki Minaj lippie – Can’t wait to get it!

  11. Natalie says:

    Watch me simmer is perfect on you Lily!! I need to learn to resist… “Impulsive February” has taken me down too! X

  12. louise says:

    They both look great on you! I think I’m going to have to buy the Nicki Minaj one! x

  13. missmonster says:

    They look awesome on you. I really like the bright colours mixed with your darker hair.

  14. Sam says:

    I recently got the Nicki Minaj lipstick and I love it! Such a pretty colour. The Watch me Shimmer looks amazing on you, very pretty!
    Just followed 🙂
    Sam x

  15. Definitely will get the Nicki Minaj one, I just didn’t bother doing the preview thing because I wasn’t sure but I love the swatches I’ve seen.


  16. Harriet says:

    Both lovely lippies, but I think ‘watch me simmer’ pips ‘viva glam’ to the post! X

  17. I agree with you about Nicki Minaj being annoying! Both those colours look lovely on you.

    I will definitely have to look out for them in March.

  18. Love those! Looks perfect on you. I a ma big fan of your blog! And please do more videos! I started a blog myself so if anyone is interested this is it :

  19. Rambles says:

    Nicki looks lovely on you! 🙂 xx

  20. MrAJBx3 says:

    wow these look amazing on you!! <3333
    i really need the nicki lipstick and the new collection haha xx

  21. Iza says:

    Nicki Looks great on you !

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Aoife says:

    Hello lovely! I just found your bloggy 🙂
    I got Nicki yesterday, not because I like her either, but because it came out early near me :/ We are shams! I like it though 🙂

    Both look lovely on you too 🙂
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend 🙂

  24. i got the two lipsticks in the exact same way you did, im impatient lol. i like the watch me simmer but the nikki lipstick turns blue pink on my lips so im not keen.x

  25. Isabela says:

    I wanted to try both but now I’m thinking I should go just for the Viva Glam Nicki…


  26. suzy says:

    I bought both of these lipsticks today! I will probably dab them on to make them more wearable too xx

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