Forever 21 Takeover

So last Thursday was the big day. Lily, Laetitia, Alexxsia and I arrived at Forever 21 on Oxford Street at midday to start preparing for the long day ahead. 
Here’s a ridiculous amount of photos and then I’ll tell you alllll about it. 

The first thing that we noticed when we arrived was our 6ft tall cardboard cut outs standing in the window! We also had our blog names stuck on the windows – it was a shame our names were spelt wrong but oh well what can ya do!

We turned up and took over the downstairs changing room. We had a room each, kind of like our own dressing room with our outfit plans on the door and our 3 outfits neatly organised and steamed. For the first hour we made sure we were all happy with our outfit choices and got our hair and makeup done. I’m such a pain when it comes to someone else doing my hair and makeup; I pretty much told the guy what to use and how to do it.. whoops!

The morning was spent filming the first part of the video. At first I was a bit embarrassed but apart from being cold it was actually really fun! After doing some filming outside we went back to our ‘dressing rooms’ and got into the next outfit – not forgetting a bit of lunch in between. We touched up our makeup, charged our iPhones and then went upstairs for the most intimidating part of the day. We spent the next hour standing in the window being live mannequins. At first it was a bit awkward but we soon got into it; we dressed up the mannequin, did a bit of posing and interacted with everyone outside. Some of my friends and family turned up which was quite funny – you can see them in the photo above taking photos of me… and Zoe came too! There was also a really cute little girl who I took a photo of and showed her – she was so happy, I think she literally thought I was like a toy in a shop that had come to life!

After the window, we got changed into our third and final outfit. Laetitia went to the top floor to DJ and the rest of us had a filmed interview. After our interviews we browsed the shop a bit and spoke to people who had come to see us.

The day was really fun and I really felt like I was a part of something pretty special. I absolutely love Forever 21 as a brand and through doing this I realised how many amazing clothes they have in store. I went there a couple of times before the day to pick outfits and didn’t realise how often the stock changes!
There was new stuff every time I went.

Did you manage to come down and see us? If you didn’t, our cardboard cut outs are still in the window and will be all week, so go and have a look, it’s really funny. Thanks so much if you did come!

A lot of people on Twitter have told me that they didn’t realise how good Forever 21 was before they saw me doing this, so if you haven’t yet looked at their stuff I really recommend you do. You can browse their website here, but I warn you, if you have a shopping problem like me… hide your wallet!

Lily xx

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