Benefit: Hervana blush

So last week I ordered the new Benefit Hervana blusher. I’d seen loads of people talking about it and I was definitely interested in trying it. Then I saw Benefit tweet a code for free shipping and 2 free samples and I fell for it. This is exactly why I love Marketing, because I myself am a sucker for it. Despite the fact I live 2 minutes from a Benefit counter where I can try the blusher and but it free from shipping, I still thought ‘wow i’ve got to order it now!’. 
I picked the ‘Hoola’ bronzer and the ‘Stay Don’t Stray’ eye primer as my two free samples and was genuinely excited to try them. I was really impressed with the gorgeous packaging that the products came in but was VERY disappointed with the samples. When I went to try the bronzer there was literally no product there. It looked brown, but no matter how hard I rubbed my finger on it, or a brush, nothing would come off. Really pissed me off. 
Anyway.. onto the blusher! 

The blusher is a mix of 4 colours; a champagne, a beige, a pink and a purple. Swished all together and it gives a cool flushed look. It is supposed to make you look angelic (the name meaning Her Nervana). At first I was worried it looked too cool for me and slightly too purple, but I actually quite like it and it makes a nice change from my usual pinks. It costs £23.50 and I know from my other benefit blushers that they last for ages… I’ve had one of mine for years (gross).

For this blusher, like the Bella Bamba, they have used to the new packaging with the lid magnetically attached. Its opens up and has a mirror inside which is really nice. Sorry to be controversial, but I MUCH prefer the old packaging. If you look at the photo below you will see the old packaging on my Coralista blusher. As you can see I always use the lid to swirl my brush around in before applying the blusher. This is not only a habit, but it really helps achieve a natural look without having to brush it all over the back of your hand. Bring back the old packaging I say!

What do you think of Hervana? Have you tried it yet?

Lily xx

Disclaimer: This was bought with my own money.

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  • Daisy Meadow

    Their packaging and attention to detail is beautiful, reminds me of liz earle!

    Also, I don’t suppose you’d be interested in buying a Clarisonic Mia? I’m selling one on my blog, it’d be great if you could check it out! Here’s a link: http://daisy– xxx

  • Zoe

    you make a good point pebs but i raise your point and say…what about the mirror?! i tend to splash makeup all over my hands and palms when i apply it anyway so doesn’t bother me a lot – would rather have a mirror for travel touch ups!

    my god i need this blush IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL xo

  • CherrySue

    It’s soooo beautiful but I just can’t justify it. Already have Hoola, Bella Bamba, Coralista and SugarBomb (that I got for €10!).

    I’m with you on the packaging too, I always use the lid for fallout.

  • rhiannonvic

    The blush looks so lovely! I do quite like the little mirror on the new packaging but like the old packaging too :) xx

  • Erin / Sawyer and Scout

    I got this yesterday, it’s so lovely, the new packaging confused me though! I think Sugarbomb is still my favourite x

  • sarahxo

    I bought this blusher a few days ago and i adore it! i was hoping not to like it very much because of the price haha but its so beautiful! and i love the packaging! :) xxx

  • Kirsty F

    I havent tried it yet but i am definitely being sucked in by the cute candy colours!! ahhh I must not buy more blush! haha x

  • Raffles Bizarre

    Looks really interesting, would love to see it on to see exactly how it looks on the skin. I’m very intrigued!

    I do the same with my blushers, either brush them off in the lid or on my hand so it’s not so heavy when I apply it. I prefer to build it up than accidently apply to much.

  • Rachel

    FInally, someone else who preferred the old packaging!

  • Megan.

    I feel for the same marketing deal too, but used the coke offer as well. So gutted about the samples, there was no product in them at all, what a waste of them sending them out! Have been using the blush for a few days now and i am loving it more every time i use it! xx

  • BeautyBecca

    I tried this blusher on and really like it! Will try to use up my others first though :( The samples are really pathetic! :) xx

  • Rachael

    I love samples so I can completely understand you falling for the marketing! I love Benefit’s Coralista and the Dandelion blush but I have to say I’m not that impressed with this one just yet… and I’ve found that the Hoola bronzer breaks me out for some reason – so annoying! xx

  • Angelica

    This is on my mind for to long! I might finally order it. xx

  • Josephinerose

    This is a must have to add to my collection! Have to agree with you though, i love my beaten up Coralista box with detachable (and very scuffed lid) though i’m liking the look of the angled brush that comes with this one! x

  • Belle du Brighton

    Ha, I hadn’t even thought about the packaging not being useful, I got this just after christmas as a giveaway prize, I have photographed it but not used it yet. You are correct, where are we going to swirl our brushes? and surely everyone carries a mirror with them anyway… Oh well, its ever so pretty so I will forgive it! xxBelle du Brightonxx

  • Joanne Christina

    That four coloured blush looks great.

  • harrietbambridge

    i’ve never tried the benefit blushes, always thought they were a bit overpriced, but the fact that you said they last for years might just sway me haha! xx

  • Chrissy

    I see so much love for Benefit blushers and I have to admit that Hervana looks absolutely gorgeous when swatched. I bought Dallas ages ago and it is the only powder product ever in my possession that went off (it changed colour and went very, very dark), so that’s put me off a little bit. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of it happening to anybody else though, so I might need to put that aside.
    Oh, but those samples are a complete disgrace; I’ve seen far superior samples given away in magazines…

  • Jane

    i prefer the old packaging too! I used the the lid to dust off excess product. I do love the packaging of this new blusher, but to be honest I just don’t think its unique enough to justify me buying it. I have so many other blushers