Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters

Revlon lip butters were at the top of my list of things to buy in America. After seeing Allison rave about them, I was desperate to get my hands on some. Now when I say these things are hard to find, I seriously mean it. I went into every single Walgreens, CVS and ULTA that I came across in Miami and New York and only found them about couple of times – and there were always only a few left on the stand – ridiculous! I managed to get my hands on 7, which sounds like a lot, but there are 20 different shades in total and after trying one I wanted to try them all… 

Tinted lip balms are always so disappointing and usually leave very little colour on my lips, so I was eager to see if these really lived up to the hype. I’m really impressed with the result and love how they feel more like a moisturising lipstick than a balm. 

They come in similar packaging to the ColorBurst lipsticks and have clear lids so you can see the colour of the product inside. Once you’ve pulled off the lid, the lip balm winds up really nicely and feels like a high quality lipstick.

It applies really well and although it doesn’t last as long as a lipstick, it’s easy to re-apply without a mirror. 

Here are the colour swatches…

Most of them have a slight shimmer, but it’s quite subtle. My favourite shades are Pink Truffle and Berry Smoothie. I find it quite difficult to wear lipstick during the day without it looking too much, so this is a great alternative! 

I’m officially obsessed! At the moment these aren’t available in the UK, which is very annoying. Hopefully they will come to the UK soon, but in the meantime, if you know anyone going to America or Canada, MAKE THEM BUY YOU SOME! I got them for $7 each which is so reasonable! 

What do you think of them? Have you tried one yet? 
Are you now desperately thinking of how you can get your hands on one? You should be….  :-) 

Lily xx

Disclaimer: These products were purchased in America by me. 

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  • ReallyRee

    Oooh they look yummmmzzzz!


  • thegirlabouttown…

    My sis is off to the US in Feb, I’m so going to be asking her to bring me back some of these! I like the look of Red VElvet & Cherry Tart!
    Sarah xXx

  • AJ

    ‘Sweet Tart’ looks gorgeous. I want!XO

  • Carissa

    These are so pretty, I hope they come here soon
    Carissa xx

  • Beth

    I love the Cotton Candy one!

  • inbeautyland

    Ahhh I am so jealous you have these, congrats on finding them though! I saw them on a couple of American youtuber’s videos a while back and I fell in love through the screen haha, just waiting on them coming to the UK now, I have my eye on Sweet Tart and Peach Parfait..

    Phoebe x

  • Marmalade

    They look fab. Love the red velvet and cherry tart shade. Must keep my eyes peeled. Or just use it as another excuse to go back to NY. It’s my favourite city so loved seeing all your pics of your travels.

    Mel xx

  • Daisy

    These look lovely, such pretty shades …I can’t decide which I like best !

  • Raffles Bizarre

    There’s some gorgeous colours in there, and I love the names, so cute!

  • Laura

    I read somewhere these are coming to the UK in March, fingers crossed it’s true!

  • Lauren Rose

    How are these not available in the UK yet!!
    I always see Miss Glamorazzi with them and I want to drool! I like the look of Peach Parfait xx

  • The Raspberry Branch.

    I’m totally lusting after Cotton Candy! S.x x / @stephanieloulou


    these look lovely, really like peach parfait!

  • Clare Marie

    I have been looking for these everywhere, I didn’t know they were only available in the us. How crap. They look so pretty! xx

  • Nabzz

    Awh, I thought they were available in the UK! Not a big fan of Revlon, but was going to check it out. :( Hopefully they’ll come over here soon. “Pink Truffle” seems nice :)

  • Katie Alice xo

    they look amazing, i love the names they have for them too! xo

  • Pamela E

    I live in America and I can’t find them ANY WHERE! My Mom And I have been Hunting for them but no! TIP! Target has them for $2 bucks. :) I think That’s why they run out so fast though! <3

  • Blesstheit

    Love your blog and all the ideas you give us! You have a new follower! Kisses

  • clippingimages

    All lovely pink shades of lip colors!!! I am just crazy about it!! :)

  • fotoclipping

    Is it available at Asian countries as well? Please let me know! Thanks!

  • Rachel Clarke

    hi wow you managed to find some too..iv just got back from Miami and managed to find 5 my favourite is the candy apple one. I’m doing a giveaway soon for two of them. They were defiantly hard to find. xRachelx

  • Lin

    Omg, I heard so many good things about those, I wish I could find them somewhere.. but that’s a bit difficult.

    love, Lin

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh the lighting & colour is changed on these swatches so they’re useless :(