Label M Brunette Dry Shampoo

Label M have recently launched their new dry shampoo specifically for brunettes. I haven’t tried the coloured dry shampoos by Batiste and would usually steer away from ‘coloured’ sprays, but I thought I’d give this one a go as I love Label M products. 

It comes in a really sleek can, just like a regular hairspray. You get 200ml and it retails for £10.50, so it’s definitely one of the more expensive dry shampoos. When I tried it my initial thoughts were that it smelt like a strong hairspray (so no extra fruity scents added) and sprays really nicely. Some dry shampoos have really strong direct sprays so you end up with white patches, but this ones makes it really easy to distribute the product evenly thoughout your hair. 

It definitely doesn’t make your hair white, which is a bonus and I couldn’t really notice the brown much. I had to spray it on my hand to check it definitely was coloured, hence the photo above. It says it has been made so that it is suitable for all brunettes, whether it’s chesnut or mahogany. What makes this product better than others is the extra ingredient of Rice Starch, which apparently is best used in short bursts throughout the hair, focusing mainly on the roots. 

So overall, I’d say if you’re happy with your cheap dry shampoos and the white patches or smell doesn’t bother you then stick to it. But if you’re looking for something a bit more affective and definitely better for your hair, then try the Label M one! 

What do you think about coloured dry shampoos? 

Lily xx 
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me as a PR sample for review and my opinions are honest. This is available from Toni & Guy salons. 

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4 Responses

  1. Victoria says:

    i dont think there’s much difference between coloured and normal dry shampoo, either way they sometimes make your hair white! nice idea in theory though 🙂

  2. Patricia Ann says:

    I have yet to try one since I get a bit skeeved out since my hair is naturally a bit oilier than most, I suppose. I wonder if we can get this in Canada…

    Patricia Ann

  3. meaw says:

    I have tried the Batiste one. As you said it doesnt come out white but you also cant notice its brown either. However, you get a shock when you wash your hair out! The water looks SO dirty! Haha (dirt + dye?) xx

  4. hi we use LABEL.M dry shampoo at our high street salon and found that most of our clients love the brunette dry shampoo because it doesn’t leave a white residue and also it has a very slight brown colouring in there, we sell so much of it but we also have the ressurection dust for those hardcore dry shampoo lovers that gives volume to fine hair and brings your hair back to life without making it lifeless and limp …. thanks sean @

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