Day 9: New York

Sorry for the photo overload – doing a lot of things in NYC.

Went for brunch at the Cookshop – missed the brunch menu so had lunch. An epic turkey sandwich to make up for the lack of on xmas day. 

Had some disgusting smoothies. When we asked why our OJ and mango smoothies were green they said it was the protein powder… niiice! 

Went to FAO Shwarz to play with toys. Spent most my time in the sweets section. 
Lip balms for every different sweet flavour! 

Bought some bits from Forever 21 and some regulars from Sephora. 

Went to Motorino pizza. Yum!

Got a drink at the highly recommended Fat Cat bar. Atmosphere was like an underground student bar… loads of different random sofas and chairs jammed into a warehouse style room – live salsa music – over 10 ping pong tables, 3 shuffle boards and about 10 pool tables. Grab a ticket and wait your turn… You can also sit around and play UNO, scrabble or chess. So weird, but so cool. Everyone just goes to get drunk and play games! 

Rained a lot today, fingers crossed for sun tomorrow! 

Lily xx

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  • harrietbambridge

    you look like you’re having such a good time i’m so jealous! xx

  • Daisy Meadow

    Looks like you’re having such a fantastic trip! I’d love to visit NY one day! x

  • Kirsty F

    I love reading your holiday updates! very jealous and your photos are fab! xx

  • L.Dufie

    Looks fun!

  • Rachel Phipps

    You can get Nerds lipgloss?!? I need some of that in my life…

  • Temporary:Secretary

    I love the food pics. I have got such a thing for food pics on blogs! More pleaaaasse! :) x

  • jemmalouise

    ohhh wow, take me here? I really want to try the Laura Mercier Primer! x

  • heidi

    Ah I’m going to New York in June & your post has got me all excited! :) x

  • Eloise

    NERDS! I was going to buy some on ebay a while back but they were £3.00 a box.
    And Lafffy Taffy? What is this?


  • Tilly-Jayne

    Love reading these posts your trip looks like such fun :)

    Tilly xo


    Everyone seems to be doing NYC and I love it! I can’t wait to go back in Feb! Seems like you’re having an amazing time, if you want a good pizza place try Joe’s, which i’m sure is near SoHo



  • Raffles Bizarre

    Fantastic photos, it makes me miss NY sooooo much!!

  • Carissa

    The first picture is too cute. I love your hat
    Carissa xx