Day 10: New York

Woke up and grabbed a Tropicana and bagel from the deli below the apartment. 
Got the ferry to Ellis island and the statue of liberty for a bit of tourist action. 
Went to Schiller’s for lunch – had a burger (best one yet!).
Did some shopping around Mercer Street – didn’t really find anything today. 
Went out for dinner at Gravy – an incredible southern American meal with great wine! 

Lily xx

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Looks like lots of fun! Your photos really capture the moment. I love the one of the statue of Liberty with the clouds all around. Hope it’s not too cold 🙂


  2. L.Dufie says:

    mmm, that meal looks lush

  3. Marti says:

    Lily try Burger Joint! is the best NY burger at all!
    it’s hidden in Le Parker Meridien’s hall!

  4. rhiannonvic says:

    I love these posts of yours! Everything looks so amazing! xx

  5. Pssshhht says:

    I’ve never even been outside Europe 🙂
    Beautiful photos!

  6. Amazing photos! that burger looks yummy! I think I will deffo be visiting the US next year!


  7. Kb says:

    Ah these photos make me miss New York so much, need to go back next year!

  8. Noura x says:

    Great pictures ! Looks like somoene is having an AMAZING time at New York *hint hint*

    Lots of love xoxo

  9. Don’t mind me! Just digging up old blog posts (clearly bored at work). Your hair was so long back here Lily! I think I like it how you have it now though 🙂

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