MUA: The Immaculate Collection

In the past few months I have really enjoyed exploring ‘drugstore’ makeup. I have always been quite skeptical of cheaper makeup but I’m being more open-minded now and have found some great products. I’m in love with a new foundation that I will tell you all about soon…

I recently got given this MUA palette to have a little play with. The Immaculate Collection palette is to celebrate MUA’s success in Superdrug over the last 6 months. It has 24 amazing colours; a mix of highly pigmented mattes and shimmers.

What’s so incredible about this pallette is not only the quality, but the price. I really can’t believe it, but it’s only £8! It’s such an incredible deal. MUA launched their online store today too – what perfect timing! So if your local Superdrug doesn’t stock MUA, you can now get everything on their website.

Have you tried this palette? What do you think? I can’t wait to experiment with it.

Lily xx

Disclaimer: This was given to me as a gift. 

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  • Jesss

    Oooh it’s so pretty!
    You probably shouldn’t have told me about the online store.. :S


  • Elissa

    Looks so pretty but I just know I wouldn’t get my money’s worth out of most of the colours, so I think I’ll be sticking to my Heaven & Earth palette! x

  • Laura

    this looks goregeous. ive been neglecting my other pallettes though :( love the burnt orange colour though eek!

  • Kate

    This looks amazing, i’m definitely going to try this out! I’ve got the heaven and earth palette and i love it! x

  • rhiannonvic

    Ohhh this is so pretty! And the price is amazing! The colours are so gorgeous xx

  • Jade

    I’ve seen this on so many blogs now and want it so desperately for the Christmas season and can’t find it in my local Superdrug! Thanks for mentioning their online store, will definitely go pay a visit! x

  • Katie

    I love this palette! MUA are so good, the prices still baffle me!! X

  • heidi

    I bought this two days ago & absolutely love it! At my local Superdrug, if you spend £8 or more, you get this free. I purchased 2 heaven & earth palettes (equally awesome!) for my sister & I. So pleased with this! x

  • beautybee

    This looks like a beautiful Palette. I’ve been really enjoying their Heaven and Earth palette – cannot believe how cheap everything is! x

  • girlinthelens

    Gorgeous, and that is an insane price! Love the pinks for the inside corner of the eye :)

  • me+moustaches!

    All of these colours look so lovely! I saw you tweeting about the collection but didn’t check it out, I’m gutted my local Superdrug MUA stand haven’t expanded their collection but hopefully I’ll get to a bigger one soon. Checking out their website now :)

  • Yolandaas

    I really like MUA.. im following.. x