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I used to really dislike LUSH. Walking into one of their stores can be very overwhelming, and not just because of the amount of products but by the overpowering smell. The one thing that’s always brought me back to have a browse is their amazing marketing. Sorry to have a  marketing geek moment, but it’s just brilliant! Everything is perfect, from their ethos, gorgeous packaging, handwritten signs, logo, online community and seasonal products. 

I went into the store to browse their Christmas products and for the first time, came out with a few goodies. I love how each product is individually wrapped in a paper bag with a label explaining how to use it. The little touches are so important and it’s a real experience to shop there. The sales assistants were all very clued up on the products and were happy to take the time to talk to me. The products look edible and you leave feeling like you’ve got a bag full of yummy treats! 

I didn’t go crazy… I just bought a few things to try and to see if they live up to their hype. 

Vanilla Fountain – £3.05
What it says on the label:
Fade with comforting vanilla scent with natural vanilla absolute – the posh stuff made from vanilla pods – with a touch of restful sandalwood and a note of burnt caramel. Drop it (and yourself) into a warm bath and enjoy the fragrant, fizzy froth.

This is the one which excites me the most. I love the thought of a vanilla bath and the smell of this bath bomb is really comforting with yummy hints of caramel. It sort of reminds me of the bath equivalent of having warm milk before bed. I used this one tonight in my bath and despite the strange fluorescent yellow colour of the bath, I really liked it. It left my skin really soft and smelling amazing!

Melting Snowman – £1.95
What it says on the label:
Run a nice warm bath, then drop in your melting snowman. Watch him gently fizz and melt away before slipping into superbly softening cocoa butter, vanilla and almond infused water.

This one is a bath melt which is supposed to create a more creamy bath than the bath bombs. It is a similar fragrance to the Vanilla Fountain, but slightly less intense. This one smells more like play dough to me. It’s just so cute and also looks like a chocolate chip cookie!

A French Kiss – £3.95
What it says on the label:
A charming, sophisticated, lavender embrace to soothe and scent your skin. Crumble under the running tap water for a bath full of lavender, thyme and rosemary scented bubbles.

This is a bubble bar so you can use it more than once by breaking it into pieces. I don’t really like the look of this one, but I couldn’t resist the lavender as it is such a good scent for pre-bed baths. I love the smell of lavender so I’m really looking forward to trying this one. 

Skullduggery Ballistic – £2.75
This one didn’t have a label and there is no information on the website about it, which is really annoying! It’s probably my least favourite smell out of the four, but I like the sugar skull design. It smells really soapy, which I don’t love, but I’m interested to see how it smells in a bath. 

I loved the whole LUSH shopping experience and I will be more open minded to go in and browse next time. I do think though that they should try and make it less smelly in there so it is easier to appreciate each individual smell… 

What do you think of LUSH? 

Lily xx

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  1. Lauren says:

    The vanilla fountain is AMAZING!
    Definately one of my favourite lush products ever!

  2. Boscy says:

    Totally agree about the smell of the shop itself. It’s very hard to choose what products to go for when you can’t smell them each individually due to the overwhelming smell of the shop as a whole. They are really generous with samples, though, so last time I went a grabbed a few and as soon as I got home I gave them a sniff and immediately knew what I wanted. I’m a total Lush convert as of about a month ago.

  3. Ah I love Lush! I agree the smell in the shop can be totally overpowering, but I love how the bombs smell in the bath! x

  4. I LOVE LUSH whereas some of my friends and my boyfriend hate going in the shop with me because of the overwhelming smell!

  5. Ellie Burns says:

    i love lush! my 15th birthday party was in the derby store and i got £100 worth of lush products as a present…everything smelt amazing for months after! xxx

  6. KLEE says:

    i never go in lush because of the smell, gives me SUCH a headache! but i always get drawn into it around xmas time.. no idea why! x

  7. Lulu B says:

    I LOVE lush its all i have on my crimbo list lol xx :o)

  8. emma says:

    i use the cosmetic warrior face mask from lush, it makes my skin SO CLEAR and soft, and also if you use up 5 face masks and bring the pots back, you get one for free (a bit like MACS system)


  9. fiona says:

    i love lush, purely because it’s one of very few places who cater for vegetarians and vegans in the cosmetic industry.
    the skullduggery bath bomb that you couldn’t find any information on, is actually from their halloween range ( but it’s my favourite, it lasts for SUCH a long time and turns the bath water into a smooth creamy heaven.

  10. Fiona says:

    I love LUSH! I don’t often get a chance to go, since the closest one to me is like an hour away!
    I think I will arrange a shopping trip soon so I can get some Christmas pressies from LUSH! 🙂
    x x x

  11. beth. says:

    we haven’t got a lush shop in hereford, but just went in one in summer and i was like “AAAAGH” hahah. these look great though, need to get me a lush fix asap hehe!

    ramz and the flock x

  12. marina says:

    Lush is simply amazing, the design of every product is fantastic) love the soaps which leave tiny sparkles on you skin!

  13. Sarah says:

    Ive only ever used their solid shampoo and I love it, the price went up though so I fell out of love!

  14. Chloe says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Gwen says:

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Lush but I’ve been drawn in by their Christmas goodies this year, they make great presents too! x

  16. Chloe says:

    you came away with some great products! i’ve never seen the skull soap before but it’s so pretty i wouldn’t want to drop it into my bath! x

  17. Eve Maria says:

    I love lush and also love their marketing- especially their shop displays and packaging. With the bubble bars (which I love!) I really recommend breaking off a bit and scrubbing it over you legs, arms, tummy etc. and when you wash it off your skin feels so smooth! 🙂

  18. Eloise says:

    I see so many product reviews and gorgeous photos of Lush products, but I still feel how you used too – I just can’t bring myself to walk in anymore as it always gives me a headache and the smell makes my chest hurt!


  19. Pssshhht says:

    I love love love Lush. But I don’t have a store near where I live. I have to travel for 2 hours to the next store…and I think it’s rather expensive.


  20. Darn my uni accom! Only having a shower means I can’t use any of your recommendations =[!! That is unless I take over my boyfs house Haha!

    Love J.

  21. BABYFACE says:

    ahhh i love lush at christmas! the melted snowman smells amazing, and makes your skin feel so so soft! xo

  22. Jodie-Winyan says:

    I usually try to avoid Lush as the fumes can give me a headache!
    But that ‘a french kiss’ looks amazing, think i may have to give that an exception to go into lush! 🙂 xxx

  23. Lela says:

    Ooh, to be honest…they all look good enough to eat!

    Enter my blog competition to win Jeffrey Campbell Litas!

  24. Crafty Nell says:

    I know exactly what you mean about Lush. I always think it’s the sort of place I’d hate to work with a hangover! I always do some christmas shopping there though as they have such lovely Christmas gifts.

    Penny x

  25. Charlotte says:

    I’ve got a bit of an addiction to Lush, everything just smells so good! How did you find these products? My faves are rock star soap and Daddy-o violet shampoo. Lovely x

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