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When I heard that LOOK magazine were creating their own beauty range I was a little sceptical. I couldn’t help but think it would be a bit like a celebrity perfume. LOOK is one of my favourite weekly magazines and I had a great time at the LOOK show, so I was definitely intrigued to find out more…
I had a sneak peak at the range when I received a few products in my LOOK show goodie bag, but wasn’t entirely convinced.

I was invited to the official launch event last week which was held in a gorgeous venue in Marble Arch.

The event was really nice and definitely changed my mind. Once I’d tried the rest of the range I realised there are some really great products! I’d say the quality and prices are similar to Topshop makeup.

Pro Palette 3 in 1 looks £15
How to Smokey Eye Pro kit £12 (these sets are seasonal and will constantly change)
Nail Pop £5
Bronzer, Powder and Blusher £8
Stand Out Eyes Single Eyeshadow £4
Double Lip Hit Lipstick and Gloss £7 

At the event was a photobooth which was amazing! I was so distracted by all the makeup that I only went in twice (trust me I would have gone in about 10 times otherwise). It was really funny – I find it so hard to pose though without laughing.. hence my absence in one of the photos! 

Me with Zoe
Me with Kate and Jen

The goodie bags were personalised and I think the products picked for me are perfect! The stand out products for me is the Triple Hit Trio Eyeshadow, the Double Lip Hit, the Nail pops and the blusher – individual reviews to follow! 

In this photo I am wearing LOOK on my eyes, cheeks and lips – love it. 

The LOOK beauty range was developed by the dedicated LOOK beauty team and donations from the sales will go to the Look Good, Feel Better charity. 

It will be available exclusively in Superdrug from the end of November (a lot of them already stock it).

Disclaimer: Some products from the range were given to me in a goodie bag for review. My opinion is always honest. 

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16 Responses

  1. C.A.R. says:

    Love !


  2. Katie Alice says:

    www i was in superdrug yesterday and couldn’t find it, hopefully soon!



  3. Looked like a great event, i’m def gonna be checking out the double lip hit and eyeshadows!

  4. Kirsty F says:

    Im really intrigued by the pink double hit lip, i got an orangey one in my look show goody bag, but its not really my colour!


  5. Laura says:

    OH my this looks amazing I cannot wait for it to be out. I cant believe the top Pallette is only £15 too. the nail polish and blushers look great I nEED them!

    Great Pics

  6. Victoria says:

    Nice range of colours. I cant help but feel the branding/typography could have been a bit stronger though x

  7. absolutely love the nail varnish colours they gave you! & all the lipsticks look lovely.


  8. beth. says:

    i’ve seen these on a few blogs now, and they sound pretty good! if they are like topshop makeup, then that just makes me want them more. the only thing is i can’t stand the packaging! eugh.

    ramz and the flock x

  9. Emma.W says:

    I was the same and wasn’t really convinced by the products I got from the Look show. Unfortunately they were the worst possible colours for me to get! But the rest of the range looks really good.

  10. All those nails polishes colour co-ordinated make me want to buy them all :)I’m looking forward to hopefully getting some products if my local Superdrug stock the range 🙂

  11. Claire says:

    Looking forward to the individual reviews! Everything in the range looks so lovely – I can’t wait to see if any of my local-ish Superdrugs are stocking yet 🙂

  12. Love your blog – I am now following you. Please take a peek at our boutique & blog @frankanddoll.com. Thanks doll X

  13. They look to have some gorgeous colours available. Will be on the look out

  14. Morag Lee says:

    There looks like there’s a wide range of colours available which is a high priority for me when considering new brands. Might give it a try x

  15. Nahcollier says:

    super blog! 😛 happy smiles

  16. oooh I like the look of the lip sticks!! 🙂

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