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Thursday, 27 October 2011

My new Topshop Ambush boots that I showed in my video. I love them. They couldn't be more of a rip-off of the Acne Pistol boots even if they tried! So comfortable, look amazing with everything... I'm obsessed. 

My friend Debs. The coolest girl I know. She's now a Personal Shopper in Topshop, Westfield London. Book an appointment with her (Deborah Rinkoff) if you need any advice, she is an amazing stylist and the appointment is free! 

Zoe and I at the ELLE and H&M launch of the Versace range. It was a bit of a lame party, crammed in the home section of H&M... but to be fair, we did turn up at the end! 
Photo courtesy of the lovely Jai'me!

love, Love, LOVE this top I got from Forever 21! It's so easy to throw on with some black shorts or black jeans and it makes me feel all lovely and sparkly! I would wear it everyday if I could! 

I found these in the Christmas present part of Debenham's!! I was seriously excited. Did anyone else used to play JACKS at school? I loved them - me and my friends used to play for hours! I miss those days where such a simple game would entertain us... 

Anyway.. that's my little round up. 

Zoe recommended I start a tumblr page for all my photos... what do you guys think? I don't really know much about tumblr.

 Lily xx
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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Really love the jacket, want the Rare Faux Fur Collar Knitted Cardigan from asos!!!!

  3. Oh, I like your fur shrug <3
    I use tumblr for some of my photos and then put the rest on my actual blog, it's not hard to use and it's a good site for inspiration as well.

  4. Love your blog! Have those ambush boots and I absolutely lave them!!! Love the way ur photos come out wat program do you use? Xxx

  5. The boots look amazing! In fact much nicer in your pictures than the topshop website xx

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  6. Awww I am desperatly waiting for my pay so that I can get the boots! Hope they won't be sold out then... I guess I would cry!

    London Last Night

  7. the photo of you and zoe is adorable. love the boots! x

  8. Those boots are amazing! And i think you should definitely start a tumblr! x

  9. Those boots are fab... I must go check them out in the shop!

  10. I love the Ambush boots! And that jumper is really nice too, I love the metallic knit trend going on right now :)

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