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Surprisingly, until very recently I’d never tried Models Own nail polish. I was pretty happy with my Essie collection… but I was still intrigued to see what all the hype was about. After browsing their website  I was impressed with the amount of colours and finishes on offer. 

I was sent two polishes to try out and bought the rest myself in the 50% off sale. They were all really different to use so I will go through each one. 

Utopia is a really nice pastel pink/purple. You’ll need two coats and unfortunately this one only lasts a day on me before chipping. I really love the colour, but find it very irritating how quickly it chips. A friend has this one though and says it doesn’t chip on her… so it may just be me! 

Blue Med is a very sheer pearl blue. I had to apply about four coats of this to get a strong colour. I think this is a nice colour for the summer, although I’m not usually a big fan of pearl polishes. 

Pink Lady applies really well! The first coat went on really thick, and I only applied a second coat to be extra sure it would last… you would probably be ok with one coat. It’s a nice bright pink without being too neon. 

Dusty Mauve is probably my favourite as it’s something different that I don’t already have. A nice metallic gunmetal grey with a slight tint of mauve. This one applies thick and lasts well. 

Lemon Meringue is a gorgeous pastel yellow that reminds me of the banana sweets you get in pic’n’mix. I love this one and it makes a nice addition to my ridiculous collection of pastel polishes. It takes two thick coats to look good, but then seems to last quite well once on. 

Lilac Dreams is another popular Models Own polish; it reminds me of a Barbie Purple. This one probably has the best lasting power, and after two coats it dries as a gorgeous lilac.

So what do you think of Models Own nail polishes? Have you tried them? 

Got some exciting news the other day. Grazia Daily contacted me saying they loved my blog and wanted to partner with me… so there should be some exciting stuff coming up! Yay! 

Lily xx

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  1. Utopia looks lovely on your nails Lily xx

  2. That’s a shame Utopia chips so quickly- did you try a top coat? It looks like a unique shade that could be worn a lot. Also liking Dusty Mauve, I love metallic shades!

  3. neavie says:

    Would you buy models own if they weren’t 50% off?! I normally stick to barry M because I love the selection of colours, but I have been looking at Models own stuff recently but think it’s rather expensive!!! What do you think?! xx

    Hello Procrastination

  4. i missed out on the 50% off sale, couldn’t quite bring myself to buy something like 10 nail polishes to get the discount with free shipping. i’ve bought a few in the past and i really like them they have an amazing range of colours.

  5. I have the lilac one too – i’ve yet to try it because i’ve had their Bubblegum shade on for ages. I usually go for the cheapo 17 Boots bottles, so having nail varnish lasting for more than 2-3 days without chipping is a novelty! Utopia looks so nice, i like it – it’s nice to see colours like this. I don’t trust the models own site! (ps. so excited to see what you and Grazia have got planned, Lily!!!!) xxx

  6. Congrats on getting noticed by grazia, Ill look forward to see what you have lined up with them!
    I love Models own nail polish I have brought a few myself but i am pretty gutted that I missed the 50% off sale a few weeks back 🙁


  7. I’ve bought the same Lilac Dreams and love it! But that’s probably because purple is my favourite colour. 😉 I’m also a weirdo, because I’ve opted for brushes, lip balm and other stuff than nail polishes during the sale. X

  8. Kate says:

    Ooh i love lilac dreams! I only have one nails own polish but i definitely need more! x

  9. char says:

    I hadn’t tried model’s own polishes until they had their 50% off promotion last month. I really like the range of colours they have and I’m really impressed with the longevity of the polishes.

  10. Morag Lee says:

    I recently only gave ModelsOwn a try. I bought top turquoise and smash-up silver. The top one is lovely but i think the smash up could be better o_0 x

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