The Look Show A/W11: Getting Ready

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hat - H&M
Rings - Topshop
Shirt - Zara
Leggings - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop

Surprisingly, it didn't take long for me to decide what to wear to the Look Show. I usually opt for the Rock/Classic look (which is what I like to call it). I like to think this outfit is simple but still stylish. I knew I needed a hat to make it interesting... I've never worn a hat before that isn't a wooly winter hat, so this was pretty exciting for me (sad, I know). I bought one from Topshop and one from H&M, and after a consultation with my 3 best girlfriends, we all decided the H&M one was much nicer (and cheaper too!). 

The nail polish is a new magnetic polish that I will tell you all about in another post soon!

Next post: Some photos of the day and my favourite looks that I saw on the catwalk. 

So, what do you think of my outfit? 

Lily xx
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  1. that nail polish is gorgeous!
    x x

  2. dammit lily you always look so effortlessly beautiful! xx

  3. I love it! x

  4. Love the shirt! xx

  5. I think the hat looks gorgeous on you! You should wear em more often!

    London Last Night

  6. love your hair!
    love your rings too, cute!
    Krissy xoxo

  7. I love simplicity like this, looks so much more stylish and more expensive!

    ooh im liking the magnetic nail varnish.. might have to give these a whirl!

  8. Love the hat! And that nail varnish looks amazing

  9. The nail polish looks awesome!

  10. I love your outfit :) and the nail polish is gorgeous xx

  11. The prettiest pretty there ever was! You make me want to wear a hat, i am determined to find one that suits me. You have inspired me! It was so nice to meet you the other day, Lily. When I first saw you at the front of queue, i wasn't sure if you knew who i was, i felt so awkward seeing people that I know from blogs and i was like "OMG, HI!" like a total fangirl. As much as I love the Look Show and being in London, i was super glad to get out of Westfield - it was toooooooo busy for a northern bumpkin like me. It felt like Christmas shopping chaos. Hope you're having a good week and I really hope I get to see you again soon. Lots of love xxxx

  12. you look perfect!
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  13. I really, really love your nails!

  14. i love everything about this look!! you really suit the hat so defo keep wearing them! xx


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