Loving this little blue dress I bought before holiday. It is really sheer and so I have to wear something underneath, but I love the colour and the way it is cut. It is longer at the back, which is something I always like! 

I wear it with a belt, otherwise it is a little shapeless. What do you think? Do you like it? 

We find out the results for the Look Blogger competition on Monday… ahh! I really hope I get through, so fingers crossed for me please! 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Lily xx

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  • Sarah

    I love this dress, the colour is perfect on you!
    Burn the Blonde X

  • Shabna

    Beautiful colour! x

  • Eves,

    This dress looks lovely on you and the pictures came our fabulous! :)

  • a.j.b

    This is a gorgeous dress – I love this colour!
    Good luck for the comp results! x

  • Kat

    Love this dress! Such a gorgeous colour on you :)


  • style point

    hi, wow, love that dress on u ….and your sweet tatoo!!!!

  • Kate

    Love this dress, its an amazing colour and fit! x

  • Sophie

    I really love that colour on you

  • LaraLainThatsMyName

    Congrats on making it into our top 20! Best of luck for the final 5! x

  • Jaymie

    Great dress and looks so pretty on you.
    congrats! xx

  • neavie

    1) the dress is gorgeous!
    & 2)congratulations on making the look top 20! liked your blog for a while, well done! xx

    Hello Procrastination

  • Carly

    where is this from? it is gorgeous ! and you look lovely in it :)


    It’s from H&M! Can’t believe I didn’t say. Sorry! x

  • Daisy

    This is a really pretty dress, the colour suits you so well!

  • lisadrivesavan

    your blog is wonderful, love all the fashion inspiration from your looks – the blue dress is stunning. so glad i found you from the look competion. CONGRATULATIONS <3

  • Sweet & Sour

    H&M have some steals from time to time. Congrats with the look comp.