Thank you!!!

I found out today that I have been shortlisted for the Look competition along with 19 other bloggers. Thank you so much to everyone who read my entry and wished me good luck. I am very very happy and hope I get through to the final 5 next Tuesday! There was a massive hype around this and the suspense today was insane. Now another week of waiting, but I am so happy just to be shortlisted! I am really glad you all liked my post – it was really fun to make. 

Thanks again to all my lovely readers! And good luck to all the other bloggers! 

Lily xx

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  1. ZOE says:

    well done. loved your video 🙂 good luck for next week

  2. Cherry says:

    Congrats! Hope you make the final five!

  3. Kate says:

    Congratulations, thats amazing! x

  4. Well done! Good luck for the final five! x

  5. Congratulations lovely! Best of luck x

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