Israel 2011

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  • Carly

    wow ! this looks amazing. the colours in your photographs are beautiful. i want to go !

  • Rachel

    This looks incredible – I really wan to go there!

  • Kate

    Wow looks amazing! great photos x

  • neavie

    my mum used to work on a kibbutz in Israel and i’ve always wanted to go, your pictures make me want this even more so! hope you had an amazing time :)

  • Anna

    wow, it looks gorgeous! :) <3

  • 2 Mates and a Blog

    really want to visit!! Photos make the place look amaze!


    visit us?


  • Naomi Marie

    Israel is very close to the top of the list of places I would love to visit! Amazing photos, looks stunning! :)

  • Kat

    Looks incredible :)


  • Zoe

    i have been jealous since i heard, jealous while you were away and now jealous i’ve seen the photos! looks so beautiful. can’t wait to see your videos :) love the photo of the man on the steps xxx

  • Anja

    Wonderful photos. <3

    And random… but the book seems to be quite interesting, I need to check it out. ;)

  • That girl Saadiya

    these photos are beautiful! I would love to go visit, it looks like it would be a unique experience..

  • Anonymous

    where is the nail varnish from please? it’s gorge!

    lovely photos xx

  • Sian

    Look at all those beads!! What amazing colours x