Forever 21

The Forever 21 store on Bond Street opened whilst I was away in Israel and so the first thing I wanted to do when I came back was to visit the new store! I’ve been to Forever 21 loads in the States and have also been to the one in Birmingham. I’ve always loved the layout of the store… really bright and spacious! It feels very American, which I love. The only problem is, I think they should be called Forever 15. The clothes are very young! It is great value as the prices are as low as H&M and New Look, but the quality of the clothing is as good as Topshop and some of the higher end high street stores. I looked around the whole store, all three floors and left with some pyjama shorts and a striped tee (because I really needed another one to add to my obscene collection).

So I’d say it is a worth a visit, but don’t get too excited as there is a lot of crap in there too. 

As you can see I have been experimenting with my nails. I recently bought the Models Own nail art pen, so i have been trying some things out. I thought I’d give the ‘Eek’ nails a go… 

Here was my attempt at some kind of Aztec thing. I definitely need practice! 

Have a good evening!

Lily xx

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  • Rachel

    So many amazing things in there, right? I wore my purchases for the first time today!

  • Kate

    I am desperate to go to Forever 21, it looks amazing! x

  • a.j.b

    I’ve never been to forever 21 but have heard great things – also considering getting a nail art pen, good attempt at the aztec style! xx

  • Jen

    LOL ‘Forever 15′
    haha lucky me I work on the accessories team, which I think is Forever 21’s saving grace.

    J x

  • priskillan

    I love your look here.

    ahhh! im currently in love with stripes and the whole aztec/geometrical patterns.

    haha, your nails are adorable :)