iFabbo London

Last night I went to the iFabbo event and it definitely made a nice change to my usual Thursday nights… I went with Zoe, which was nice as it is never fun going to these kinda things on your own. 
The event was held at The Powder Rooms, which is really cute and makes you feel like you’ve stepped back into the fifties! It was really interesting to here from the brands; I spoke to someone from Murad, Paul & Joe and The Makeup Store. We saw some really nice new products, I especially liked the Paul & Joe palettes and Murad lip balms. 
I met some lovely girls last night! Emma, Michelle, Emma, Fleur, Lucy, Lu, Laura – it was a pleasure meeting you girls! I spoke to so many people, I can’t even remember who I met, but it was really nice! 
We were given a lovely gift bag filled with gorgeous products. I will write another post after this reviewing some of the products and will go into more detail then. 
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Monica says:

    looks like it was quite the event with lovely makeup and cute treats. i love the first picture. it looks like one that i’d post on my wall or tumblr 🙂


  2. lucy duckett says:

    Lovely to meet you too! lovely photos!!x

  3. Oh my Dior! says:

    I really loved this photo they are like Marie Antoinette pastries but in make up!


  4. Laura says:

    It was great to meet you too Lily! Hope to see you again soon 🙂 xx

  5. Michelle says:

    Ooh you got such lovely snaps! I’m yet to sort through mine! Was so good to meet you, hopefully see you again soon (: xx

  6. Looks like you had such a fab time! x

  7. Kateřina Machová says:

    Oh my god, Fleur looks like a little girl on this picture 🙂 You all grew up since then! Still great looking, though! Loving your new site design by the way. Lot of love from Prague!

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