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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

So sorry I haven't posted for a week. I didn't actually mean to, don't know where the week has gone. I went to a beautiful wedding on the weekend and as you probably know by now I have my sister's wedding this coming Saturday - so we are all very busy! 

But bigger news... sorry sis... one of my best friends who I have known since I was 4 is going to be on T4! I know, I know...another talented friend... I just have so many of them :-)

So, she is going to be on T4 this SATURDAY morning at 11:25. She will be on New Look's Style the Nation. She is a massively talented fashion designer and will be going up against some other contestants to become a stylist for New Look. 

I am so so proud of one of my oldest friends... if any of you are able to vote for her please please do. She really deserves it; she is one of the most ambitious, hard working girls I know!

Here are some photos from her own fashion collection. 


Thanks guys! 

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