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Sunday, 6 February 2011

So, there have been many times in the past where I have found myself in this sort of situation:

-The girl in the hairdressers says "I love your necklace, where is it from?"
-A friend of a friend says "I am loving reading blogs and really want to find more"
-Someone says to me "oh I was telling someone about your blog, but I couldn't remember what the site address called"

etc, etc, etc... and then my Mum says - oh you should have told them about your blog! (but I just cringe at the idea)

So for situations like this, when I want to tell people about my blog, but don't want to make a massive deal about it, I just want to tell them where they can see it; I made myself some MOO cards. I've been playing around with designs for ages and ended up getting confused and not ordering them. So last week I just quickly decided on this design, using one of my own photos, but I might change it if I need to re-order. It's good for now...

Do you like them? I think they are quite sweet. I am so tired at the moment from work, illness and everything and I have been going on about it on TWITTER. The lovely people from Biotherm sent me a night cream from their Skin Ergetic range to try and help the tired symptoms. So I will let you know after I have used it for a few weeks whether my skin feels energized.

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  1. Very cute cards! I love MOO, so easy to use, cheap and amazing quality, I got my business cards from there too.

  2. How sweet! Really like these, should probably think about doing something similar myself one day (she says knowing she probably won't get round to it...)

    Penny x

  3. your cars are so cute!!


  4. I actually find it incredibly off putting if people that I know, know about my blog. I'm weirdly secretive like that!

    I do love your cards though, so cute!

  5. oh, your cards are amazing :)
    i wish i could have some to give to people but i live far away^^

  6. That is a good idea ! I agree that it can be so uncomfortable talking about blogging with people who don't do it. it's like "hey, so I write about my day and posts pictures of myself and people read it" haha. these cards are such a subtle way to remind people to check it out. I may do the same thing, and order some !

  7. You and Zoe (tll) are seriously tempting me by these, even though I don't really need them! They're so cute, I love the picture you chose :)
    Now all I need is some faces I could thrust them in...


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