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When I buy make-up I try to buy products which are really versatile. I am quite behind on these purchases as they are MAC favourites, but I thought it was about time I joined in. 

The MAC Bare Study paint pot is a really useful product to have in your make up bag. It is a creamy eye shadow in a shimmery champagne colour. It’s really nice to use as it is so soft and it has a good consistency. I like to either use it on its own all over my eye lid, or to use it as a primer underneath my eye shadows.
I also got a Satin Taupe eye shadow, which is in a frost finish. I love this colour, it can either be used for a daytime look likely brushed over the Bare Study paint pot, or can be built up in the crease of your eye for a more night time look. I love it. 

This is how I store my brushes which I use a lot… love this tin. 

Thanks for reading. New job starts on Monday! Excited, nervous, excited, nervous… I can’t decide.

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  1. Serena says:

    okay, you gotta spill it: what color nail polish are you wearing? It is divine! The MAC paint pot looks fabulous too, I’m about to get one for myself 🙂


  2. @Serena 🙂 Thank you, the nail polish is the one from a few posts ago… the O.P.I ‘You don’t know Jacques’

  3. Cintia says:

    I love that tin, it looks lovely! And such a good way to store brushes, really creative! Fingers crossed for you on Monday! (: Xx

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