Diamond Knit

Normally I completely avoid the shops between Christmas and New Year, due to the horrendous crowds of mental, sale obsessed people. This year I fancied checking out the Topshop sale, and I personally think the only really good Topshop is the one in Oxford Circus. As it was a bank holiday on Tuesday, we drove up and parked for free right outside, amazing!
I hate sales, so I didn’t run around the store picking everything up in sight. I just browsed around the Knit section, as they are normally the over-priced products that I wouldn’t normally want to spend £50 on. Luckily I came across this jumper, which I had previously seen for £45, there was only one and it was in my size for £20. Yes! Grabbed it, paid for it, done. No more sales thanks, that’s me done. 
I love the diamond shapes and it is a really soft knit.
Jumper: Topshop
Bodycon Skirt: H&M
Cosy Fleece tights: Marks&Spencer
Nailpolish: O.P.I You don’t know Jaques

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11 Responses

  1. Casey says:

    That is awesome!!! You look fabulous in it as well- good find!


  2. india b. says:

    Brilliant jumper, I’m so jealous I found nothing in the Topshop sale.

  3. Gorgeous jumper 🙂 🙂

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas 🙂

    Char x

  4. I’ve been admiring this jumper for a while now x

  5. oomph. says:

    cute sweater…love the simple neckline.


  6. nicole(: says:

    knit sweaters are seriously one of the comfiest things!Love it!(:

  7. Anna Bell says:

    Am I able to read your earlier posts somewhere? I’d be really interested in them! 🙂 xx

  8. Hazal Yaren says:

    ‘sale obsessed people’ ? I’m really sorry but I find that kind of rude actually. Some people cannot afford clothes at there original price maybe and need to shop during sale time. I may sound dramatic but i’m unsubscribing from your channel after that first sentence of the post.

  9. Hazal,

    You’re easily offended. There’s a big difference between shopping in the sales and being completely obsessed with it. For example; buying rubbish in the sales that you simply do not need. Or people queuing all night to be the first one in the store and then proceed by stampeeding over everything and everyone that gets in their way.


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